Communication skills. At Baltic Winter experts will discuss the shortage of personnel | Career and business | Money

Communication skills.  At Baltic Winter experts will discuss the shortage of personnel |  Career and business |  Money

On December 7 in Moscow at the Baltic Winter conference, young professionals and experienced communicators will discuss the problem of staff shortages.

It’s no secret that experienced communicators consider the lack of proactive and thinking personnel to be one of the most important problems in the market. Employers hire novice specialists, realizing that they will have to invest longer in training the employee, but they are faced with incompetence not only in professional skills, but also in attitude to work: a frivolous attitude towards tasks, fear of making decisions.

Young professionals, in turn, find it difficult to understand what exactly their employer wants from them. Experts on the forums say that in the profession of a communicator it is important to work in the “fields” and gain experience in practice from the first courses. Universities are strict about attending lectures, and with such an attitude, it is difficult for students to combine practice and good academic performance. University programs provide for practice, but in a couple of weeks a year it is not enough to gain knowledge and immerse yourself in the processes in order to find a stable job after graduation.

The event, organized by the SPN Communications agency, will feature a friendly duel between aspiring professionals and employers in the field of communications.

It will be attended by young professionals who have recently graduated from the strongest universities in Russia, but are just starting their career path. The employers’ side will be represented by industry-famous PR directors and agency heads, including founder of the PR agency “” Svetlana Erokhnovich, PR Lead “VKontakte” Anna Bushlanova. The second of a friendly duel will be Director of Communications, First Bit company Olga Ocheretina.

Baltic Winter is a continuation of the famous St. Petersburg communications forum Baltic Weekend, but with new speakers and topics that were not discussed in the business program of the September forum. The topics of the conference will also be: “Telegram VS Traditional Media: Which Communication with the Audience Is the Future”, “How to Apply Producer Techniques in Communications?”, “Confrontation between Traditional Communicators and Bloggers: How to Jointly Create Effective Campaigns for Promotion”, “CEO’s View: But is communication necessary at all and why?


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