Companies ignore how to measure social well-being

Companies ignore how to measure social well-being

Mexico City.- Despite NOM 35 having come into force, many companies lack a strategy to evaluate the psychosocial risks of their collaborators, which can prevent effective strategies from being applied to personnel, experts warned.

According to this standard, companies must design policies to promote the emotional well-being of their employees.

“The Official Mexican Standard is a crucial step in recognizing and addressing mental health in the workplace. It establishes a significant precedent in protecting the emotional and psychological well-being of employees, a historically undervalued area in Human Resources management,” said Mauricio Reynoso, president of the Mexican Association of Human Resources Companies.

He warned that among the most common mistakes that companies make in this matter is that many do not recognize psychosocial risks as a serious problem.

Additionally, there is inadequate risk assessment and ineffective communication between management and employees, which could lead to misunderstandings and stress. All this without considering the integration of the measures into the corporate culture.

Germán de la Garza, managing partner of Fisher & Phillips México, said that large companies have complied with this standard, but in the medium and small business sector it is complicated because they lack training and resources.

“They have less access to advisors with knowledge on these issues, coupled with the fact that the NOM has an operational cost,” he said.

“The companies that have implemented it have developed a policy and procedure for the treatment of psychosocial risks.”

Companies must provide workers with sufficient means to deal with these risks. If you have an employee who is being subjected to a psychosocial risk, you must have a reporting channel, support lines,” explained the lawyer.


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