Complaints, hypnosis, mansion… what “Special Envoy” contains on the Miller affair

Complaints, hypnosis, mansion… what “Special Envoy” contains on the Miller affair


A modus operandi and numerous alleged victims. This Thursday, February 29, at 9:10 p.m., “Special Envoy” on France 2 broadcasts an investigation into Gérard Miller, targeted, according to our information confirmed by the Paris prosecutor’s office, by six complaints for acts of sexual assault or rape. And around fifty testimonials in Elle magazine, covering a period from 1988 to 2020.

In a thirty-minute report, which we were able to watch, Élise Lucet’s show looks back on a month of chain revelations against the psychoanalyst and columnist, as she had already done a little more ago two years around Nicolas Hulot.

“It’s like a cold buffet: he helps himself and he takes”

The cameras followed Charlotte (the first name has been changed), 36 years old, first to file a complaint. She claims to have been a victim when she was only 14 years old following her participation in Laurent Ruquier’s show “On a tout avoir” on France 2.

Spotted in the public, she was invited a few days later to her Parisian mansion. She then tells of a black hole after having consumed a drink, then of Gérard Miller’s vision of her. “I still have my panties and my pants are around my ankles. He is massaging me, touching my buttocks, my breasts, my back…” explains the one who finds a way to escape thanks to an impromptu visit.

Two other women contribute to the report. First Romane, a friend of the author of the investigation, who says she was a victim of Miller in May 2003. Then aged 19, she says she was invited to a hypnosis and massage session. “ (At the time) I didn’t realize the abnormal nature of the story. For me, it was the doctor’s hands that touched me, not those of the pervert,” she wrote in her diary.

Same thing for Mathilde, who accuses him of rape. With there too, invitation to his home, hypnosis session and blackout. “It’s like a cold buffet: he helps himself and he takes,” she sums up, openly.

Methods supported by the testimony of technicians, who, on condition of anonymity, remember “uncomfortable behavior” and a man “who was doing his shopping” in the public. Requested by “Special Envoy”, Gérard Miller, who had already said, on February 23, “certain of having committed no offense”, disputes the accusations brought against him.


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