[Comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization in progress? Tianjin New Rural Economy Tour]Digital countryside? Wuqing Nanrenzhuang Village Joint Stock Economic Cooperative’s market-oriented operation helps strengthen the village and enrich the people

[Comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization in progress? Tianjin New Rural Economy Tour]Digital countryside? Wuqing Nanrenzhuang Village Joint Stock Economic Cooperative’s market-oriented operation helps strengthen the village and enrich the people

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The No. 1 Central Document in 2023 proposed to “deeply implement digital rural development actions and promote the research and development and promotion of digital application scenarios.” As one of the third batch of digital renminbi pilot cities in the country, Tianjin’s successful application of digital renminbi in financial services for new agricultural business entities has broadened the coverage of digital renminbi loan scenarios and provided a new model for inclusive financial services.

Tianjin Northern Network News:Money is digital, cars are new energy, shopping with points… In Nanrenzhuang Village, Meichang Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin, you can feel the vitality of “digital countryside” in helping rural revitalization everywhere.

Here, Tianjin’s first collective income distribution in the form of digital renminbi was realized. This is an important exploration of digital finance empowering rural collective economic development and assisting the overall revitalization of rural areas.

Here, Tianjin’s first digital RMB APP platform has been built, realizing the full-scenario application of digital RMB in savings and consumption in village collective economic organizations.

Today’s Nanrenzhuang Village empowers the development of the collective economy through digital empowerment, opens up a new model of rural elderly care through the construction of a happy compound, and continuously consolidates the role of the branch’s battle fortress through the “Party Building + Points System + Practice + Rural Civilization” model to promote rural revitalization. Improve quality and efficiency.

The country’s first digital renminbi distributes collective benefits

The scene of the first equity distribution meeting

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Early in the morning, Li Dongmei, the owner of Zhongcai Convenience Store in Nanrenzhuang Village, opened the door for just a few minutes when several villagers opened the door and came in to make purchases. 4 bags of instant noodles, a few ham sausages and snacks, I scanned the QR code with my phone, and 20.5 yuan was credited to the convenience store’s account.

It seems like an ordinary consumption scenario, but “money” is different. The villagers scanned digital renminbi. This small store with an area of ​​more than ten square meters was also one of the first rural convenience stores in Tianjin that can use digital renminbi. “Digital RMB is no different from the WeChat and Alipay payments that everyone uses. Just open your phone and scan it. It is simple and convenient.” As the village accountant, Li Dongmei, a “post-80s generation”, is responsible for running the Zhongcai convenience store business. The daily digital RMB turnover Accounting for half of the store’s total turnover.

“It has been a year since I opened a digital RMB account and I have already spent more than 2,000 yuan.” Yue Weijun, secretary of the Party branch of Nanrenzhuang Village, director of the village committee, and chairman of the village joint-stock economic cooperative, said with a smile, “Now digital RMB is in our Villages are nothing new.”

In 2019, Nanrenzhuang completed the reform of the rural collective property rights system and established a joint-stock economic cooperative. The collective assets of 3.012 million yuan were inventoried and verified, and 419 members were confirmed. 1,167 acres of agricultural land are managed by the collective, and large-scale mechanical operations are introduced to reduce planting costs. The income of the village collective and its members has increased year by year, and the income from agricultural production and operation has continuously exceeded the 800,000 yuan, 1.5 million yuan, and 2.2 million yuan mark; the village collective total Revenue climbed to the 3.5 million yuan mark. In the same year, Nanrenzhuang Joint-stock Economic Cooperative signed an equity custody agreement with the Tianjin Rural Equity Exchange, stipulating that the cooperative’s equity management and income distribution will be conducted through the Tianjin Village Collective Economic Organization Equity Custody Transaction Management System.

On August 26, 2022, Nanrenzhuang Joint Stock Economic Cooperative held an equity dividend conference. As the Tianjin Rural Equity Exchange’s “one-click dividend” button was confirmed, there were “ding” sounds at the venue. “After the reform, the land was unified by the collective. We went to work in the development zone ourselves, and the village paid insurance. During the autumn wheat season and the end of the year, the village collective paid dividends and benefits. It is so happy!” Villager Li Deshun was excited! He held up his mobile phone and showed, “The dividends have arrived!”. It is understood that this is the first time in the country that a rural property rights exchange has been used to distribute village collective income in the form of digital renminbi. It is also an active exploration of digital finance in Nanrenzhuang Village and even Tianjin to empower collective economic development and help comprehensive rural revitalization.

Integrity pilot “points system” stimulates villagers’ endogenous motivation

Points redemption site in the village

In the small supermarket at the other end of the village, the villagers neither scan the QR code to pay nor take cash when shopping. Instead, they exchange small bills for “points” and use the “points” to make purchases.

“Villagers can accumulate credit points by participating in activities organized by the village. These points can be exchanged for goods, free physical examinations, haircuts, and books borrowed from the village library. We also organize collective credit work, which effectively solves farmers’ loan problems .” said Yue Weichao, Party Affairs Commissioner of Nanrenzhuang Village.

As an integrity pilot village established by Wuqing District to promote the construction of the credit system, Nanrenzhuang Village uses comprehensive service stations, village supermarkets and other service stations as its base to continue to carry out activities such as villagers’ integrity points redemption and point consumption. Villagers whose integrity points reach a certain score They can regularly exchange daily necessities or consume them in the village supermarket, and villagers can truly enjoy the benefits of credit construction. At the same time, the collective credit work carried out by the village has effectively solved the loan problem of farmers. Farmers in the village can enjoy credit loans ranging from 50,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan. Up to now, the villagers in the village have a cumulative credit loan limit of 13 million yuan, and the enterprises and self-employed businesses in the village have a cumulative credit loan limit of 5 million yuan.

In addition, the village will also incorporate the red and white council matters into the village regulations and civil agreement point system management. The credit score evaluation mechanism of “exchanging actions for points, using points for habits, and using habits to create new practices” has effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in village affairs, allowing more people to actively participate in rural governance and the construction of civilized rural customs. Let the villagers who were “born here and raised here” become the guardians of the civilized rural customs of Nanrenzhuang Village.

Active rights enrich the people and awaken the dormant collective property in rural areas

This year’s wheat summer harvest scene

For a long time, the planting industry in Nanrenzhuang Village has mainly been field crops such as corn and wheat. However, in Yue Weijun’s eyes, Nanrenzhuang Village has another look. In July 2022, Nanrenzhuangqiang Village Fumin Ecological Agricultural Tourism Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled. This is a wholly-owned enterprise established by Nanrenzhuangcun Joint Stock Economic Cooperative with collective assets as the price. The cooperative will also rely on companies to strengthen villages and enrich people, and cooperate with social capital to further revitalize collective idle assets and develop and strengthen the collective economy.

“This year we have built 7 model rooms for ‘farmers’ to be converted into B&Bs. At the same time, we have built a 2,000-square-meter agricultural product display center as a agricultural product display and tourist reception place. In addition, we will also carefully create river landscapes to enhance the appearance of the village. . In the next step, Nanrenzhuang Village will use the agricultural industry as a carrier to further promote the integrated development of agriculture and tourism, create a new model of leisure agriculture development with sightseeing and leisure, education and research, and experience of farm life as the main content, and radiate and drive agricultural growth. efficiency, increase farmers’ income, and inject new vitality into rural development,” Yue Weijun said.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Policy and Reform Department of the Tianjin Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission, the Nanrenzhuang Village Strengthening Village and Enriching People Company is a typical representative of Tianjin’s deepening of the reform of the rural collective property rights system and the exploration and establishment of village collective economic development investment and financing platform companies. This type of platform company will focus on strengthening collective strength and driving farmers to get rich as its main goals, creating better conditions for the market-oriented operation of village collective economic organizations. “The Tianjin Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission will further integrate the forces of all parties, increase work advancement and innovation, continue to deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system, continue to explore effective forms of realizing new rural collective economies, and continue to improve the protection of the rights and interests of members of rural collective economic organizations. and development mechanisms.”

Rural environmental management in Nanrenzhuang Village

Interview conversation:

China Well-off Network: What is the reason why Nanrenzhuang Village carries out digital rural construction?

Yue Weijun: The No. 1 Central Document in 2023 proposed to “deeply implement digital rural development actions and promote the research, development and promotion of digital application scenarios.” The characteristics of digital RMB will empower financial services for rural revitalization. As a “National Rural Governance Demonstration Village” and “Tianjin Points System Management Demonstration Village”, Nanrenzhuang Village took the lead in carrying out in-depth cooperation with financial institutions including the Agricultural Bank of China to create Tianjin’s first digital RMB APP platform and realize digital RMB Full-scenario application of distribution, savings, and consumption in village collective economic organizations.

China Well-off Network: How does Nanrenzhuang Village adhere to the leadership of party building to promote high-quality development of grassroots work?

Yue Weijun: Nanrenzhuang Village adopts the management model of “party building + double points system”, that is, “village party branch secretary + village committee cadres + party group leader + party members + the masses” to smooth two-way communication between grassroots party organizations and party members, and between party members and the masses. channels, forming a “whole village one game” working pattern with party branch leadership, party members taking the lead, and the masses supporting it. Every decision in the village is based on the actual situation and needs of the villagers. For example, our “Two Committees” team took the lead in building the “Happiness Courtyard” in Nanrenzhuang Village in 2020, which integrates catering, leisure, entertainment, and fitness for the elderly, ensuring the daily life of the elderly in the village and solving the worries of the children of migrant workers. . The total investment in the compound is 1.5 million yuan, with a total planned land area of ​​728 square meters. It has a beautiful indoor environment and complete facilities, and various flowers and plants are planted outside the compound. Breakfast and lunch can be provided every day for the elderly over 60 years old in the village. Seniors over the age of 80 can dine for free, while those under the age of 80 are charged an appropriate meal fee. In special situations such as elderly people falling ill, Xingfu Court also delivers meals to their doorsteps, effectively solving the feeding problems of elderly people living alone, empty nesters, and those with limited mobility.

China Well-off Network: In the next step, Nanrenzhuang Village will use party building to lead the overall situation, with agricultural cooperatives as the main body of development, and increase urban-rural integration and industrial integration development. In what aspects will it be specifically reflected?

Yue Weijun: In the next step, Nanrenzhuang Village will further promote the integrated development of agriculture and tourism, vigorously build an agricultural tourism road that integrates village farmhouses, B&Bs, leisure fishing, and equestrian performances, and build a modern new countryside.

(Fu Yongjun, editor of Jinyun News)


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