Consumer Minute: what precautions should you take when shopping on Marketplace?

Consumer Minute: what precautions should you take when shopping on Marketplace?

Buying on a Marketplace means that you may be purchasing a product that originates from another store, but is being sold on a different platform.

There are online stores that include this option in their list of offers, others are stores exclusively made up of products from other surfaces.

According to Deco Proteste, as a rule, Marketplace stores are not responsible when something goes wrong in a business transaction, considering themselves exclusively as ‘intermediaries’.

But since January 1, 2022, a specific detail in this accountability has changed. Marketplaces may be held jointly and severally liable for irregularities in the guarantee.

Therefore, if the Marketplace and the originating store are considered contractual partners, part of the responsibility must fall on the Marketplace.

In detail, these are considered contractual partners, whenever the Marketplace has a predominant influence on the conclusion of the contract, for example, if payment is made only through the means provided by them.

This is specifically talking about problems linked to the conformity of the goods, that is, the warranty that covers repair, exchange, price reduction or possible refund.

Information about the existence, or not, of a partnership must be communicated to the consumer, as must all the identity information of the seller of each product and their contact details be expressed.

To prevent a purchase from going wrong, there are some precautions you can take:

  • Read the original store and Marketplace terms and conditions
  • Look for some reviews on the Marketplace website
  • If the order comes from abroad, find out if there are customs costs
  • Find out if the return costs are borne by the consumer

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