Costa’s last budget approved in a farewell swallowed by the electoral campaign

Costa’s last budget approved in a farewell swallowed by the electoral campaign

Once the State Budget for 2024 was approved (or at least for part of the year, until a new Government replaces it), António Costa left the Parliament plenary and, accompanied by his ministers, stopped briefly to defend the final honor. “Over these eight years, it was possible to demonstrate that an economic policy that focuses on employment and qualifications is possible, also focusing on business investment and greater export capacity”. It took eight years, he said, to prove a point and show results: “There were eight years of economic convergence with the European Unionsomething that hasn’t happened since the beginning of the century.”

For Costa and Fernando Medina, who had given the closing speech of the State Budget, the government proved that reducing the debt and deficit was no “whim or fetish”. It was this, they say, that allowed the country to have options to choose from today. “The country today has more capacity, more freedom and can certainly pursue a path of continued improvement”, António Costa added in the very short statement he made, without answering questions, closing a cycle. The idea was to show that, contrary to what happened in 2015, when the PS arrived at the Government and inherited a public debt in the order of 131.2% of GDP, this is not what the socialist government hands over as an inheritance to the government that will come over.

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