Counterfeit HP products worth around Rs 30 crore seized in India!, Delhi News in Hindi

Counterfeit HP products worth around Rs 30 crore seized in India!, Delhi News in Hindi

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New Delhi. Counterfeit HP products such as toner and ink cartridges worth Rs 30 crore were recovered between November 2022 and October 2023. This was confirmed by a report released on Tuesday.

According to the HP Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) report, law enforcement officials in India have successfully removed approximately 4.4 lakh counterfeit items from the market with the support of HP’s anti-counterfeiting initiative.

Most of such operations took place in Mumbai, where illegal goods worth approximately Rs 1 lakh were seized.

“This initiative ensures that individuals receive authentic HP products, maintaining quality standards and protecting consumer interests,” said Sunil Raghavan, Senior Director, Printing Systems, SP India.

Authorities in Mumbai had stopped a scheme to manufacture counterfeit cartridges for HP printers and sell them online in a targeted enforcement action in February last year.

The report said they seized approximately 25,000 illegal items, including counterfeit cartridges and components.

In March last year, authorities in Delhi and Mumbai areas had foiled two major operations manufacturing counterfeit printing supplies for HP printers. Officers seized approximately 14,000 illegal items in the two raids.

According to the report, apart from this, from April to October 2023, the authorities seized about 82,000 illegal items from the markets of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

HP conducted approximately 300 customer delivery inspections in India from November 2022 to October 2023.


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