CP All receives SET Awards 2023 for sustainability

CP All receives SET Awards 2023 for sustainability

The Stock Exchange of Thailand together with the Finance and Banking Journal Announcing the results and awarding the SET AWARDS 2023 with the aim of promoting and developing the potential of Thai listed companies to grow sustainably in both quantity and quality, divided into 2 groups: the Business Excellence Award for the ability to conduct business and the Sustainability Excellence Award for creating Grow your business by participating in creating sustainable value for society and the environment.

This year, CP All is among listed companies on the stock exchange. with a market capitalization of more than 100,000 million baht received the SET AWARDS 2023 award in the award group Sustainability Excellence Category: Highly Commended in Sustainability Awards, which is an award given to listed companies that conduct business according to sustainable development guidelines.

Within the awards ceremony SET AWARDS 2023 has Dr. Phakorn Peetathawatchai, Director and Manager. Stock Exchange of Thailand Award was given to CP All Public Company Limited, the executive of 7-Eleven and 7-Eleven Delivery, with Mr. Krianchai Boonphophichat. Chief Financial Officer of CP All Public Company Limited is the recipient.

CP All has taken into account the sustainability of the country, people, and organization. Its work covers three main dimensions: Heart is a commitment to doing business with the principles of good governance and anti-corruption; Health is a commitment to create Good Society and Home are commitments to take care of the environment. These three dimensions appear in every work process of the company. with good corporate governance Taking into account all stakeholders in order for the business to have economic growth along with social and environmental development in a balanced way, in accordance with the corporate aspiration “Giving & Sharing”


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