Cruz Azul will seek to transcend against América

Cruz Azul will seek to transcend against América

Mexico City.- Cruz Azul has the most important game of the regular season against América, in which it will seek to show that it can transcend and achieve important things with coach Martín Anselmi.

“We are going to face it with the same mentality with which we have faced since the first game of the season. The team has that desire to transcend, to do important things,” said Carlos Rodríguez, light blue midfielder, at a press conference.

“I have had to play Classics and in this type of match there is no favorite, no matter how good or bad one team or another is, in this match you give an extra bonus. We have shown that this Cruz Azul wants to achieve things. And in the end “What we want is for the fans to feel identified with the team, with what they show on the field of play,” added the tricolor one day before the duel against the Águilas.

In the restructuring that La Maquina underwent for this tournament, some of its reinforcements will play their first Young Classic dressed as light blue, and they will do so with the hope of continuing to demonstrate the good game that the team has had so far, with which the Cruzazul fans have felt identified.

“It represents a nice opportunity, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful games of the year, for the people, for us. As children, if we want to be soccer players it is to play this type of games. I am living it with great enthusiasm and looking for the game is another example of where we want to be, it represents a nice opportunity to continue building what we have built so far,” said Lorenzo Faravelli.

“It’s still three points, but we have a lot of people behind us for whom this game is special and we owe it to them. Tomorrow we will have to play with that plus of our fans,” added the Argentine.

They receive a luxury visit

Cruz Azul received a visit from its fans in La Noria as support for the Classic against America.

Part of La Sangre Azul went to the celestial facilities this Friday to encourage their players as they arrived at the last training session before facing the Águilas.

Between chants and cheers, the Cementeros put together a real party that was even joined by some young players from the light blue quarry and “Blu”, the mascot of La Maquina.

In addition, footballers like Rodolfo Rotondi and Kevin Mier approached the people to thank them for their support.

“We know that we come from not so good tournaments, where we have had to suffer, but today we are in a different position. We want to thank them for being there through thick and thin. Let’s enjoy and hopefully tomorrow we can give them a night of joy everyone,” were Rotondi’s words to his fans.


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