CSIF asks the Board for more measures to end the “deterioration” of teachers’ work

CSIF asks the Board for more measures to end the “deterioration” of teachers’ work

The Independent Trade Union Center and Civil Servants (CSIF) This Monday, he conveyed to the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Amador Pastor, the current needs of public education in the region and the measures to be implemented to end more than a decade of cuts, which have become chronic.

In the meeting held, the president of CSIF Educación Castilla-La Mancha, José Antonio Ranz, referred, among other points, to the reduction of teaching hours for all teachers, to the drop in ratios in all stages, to the obligatory stability of the interim group; strengthening the authority of teachers; the reduction of bureaucracy; the incorporation of nursing personnel and personnel specialized in educational care; reduction in hours for those over 55 years of age; reinforce the workforce; the recovery of support in Early Childhood Education from six units; and the opposition to professorships, which has not been called since 2003.

CSIF has also highlighted the deterioration of the working conditions of teachers and has committed to continue working to improve public education in the region, as reported by the union center in a press release.

CSIF has already advanced that the Public Employment Offer (OPE) of 2024, with 1,100 positions for the Teacher Corps, is necessary, but it is necessary that a percentage of them be called through the stabilization system as happened last year in Middle Teachings.

Likewise, CSIF has also regretted that the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, announced this OPE last Friday “within the usual propaganda practice, considering it approved, when its negotiation is mandatory firstly in the Sectorial Table«.

And regarding the OPE of Secondary Education of 2025, CSIF remembers that it is the group with the highest rate of interim, close to 20%, so this selection process must have the greatest possible number of places.


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