Çukurova Mayor Soner Çetin resigned with harsh words

Çukurova Mayor Soner Çetin resigned with harsh words

Çukurova Mayor Soner Çetin resigned after his name was not announced as a candidate from the CHP PM.

In the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the process of selecting candidates continues. At the CHP’s Central Executive Board and Party Assembly meeting, a total of 4 district candidates, 3 of which were in the center of Adana, were announced.

The CHP Central Executive Board (MYK) and Party Assembly (PM) meeting was held in two rounds. In the second round of the PM, CHP announced its candidates in Seyhan, Çukurova, Yüreğir and Yumurtalık districts of Adana.

The current CHP chairman in Çukurova, Soner Çetin, made a statement on his social media account after he was not nominated.

Çetin said:

My dear fellow countrymen;
I grew up in a family that belonged to the Republican People’s Party since my childhood. As I have always expressed, I have always been proud to be the grandson of a Kuvayi Nationalist grandfather who founded the Republican People’s Party in Adana in 1923.
Starting from the Youth Branch, I have always been at the service of my party and worked for its success. Even after I was nominated as Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate in 2009 and was removed from candidacy a week later due to various tricks, I did not resent our party and worked for the success of the candidate nominated in my place.
I have been the Mayor of Çukurova for 10 years, having been elected from the Republican People’s Party. I have always been proud to be a CHP member, but knowing that the Mayor’s Office is a service office, I have never introduced politics into the municipality. After each election, I took off my party badge and strived to provide equal and fair service to everyone and everyone.
With this understanding, I always aimed to raise the flag of my party to the highest level while doing my duty. I worked day and night in every election we participated in, and we were rewarded with the election results. I made every effort to become a local administrator that our party and our party members will always proudly present.
However, at this point, we regretfully see that our party, to which we have devoted our lives, is being usurped and is being alienated from its principles and values. We observe with concern that the current administration of the Republican People’s Party is trying to develop tactics only to protect their own power within the party, while they should aim for power first locally and then in general.
We saw this clearly in the latest candidate selection methods. We regretfully experienced a period in which the concepts that form the identity of the party, such as Atatürk’s principles, republican values, and the universal rules of social democracy, were ignored, no impartial and meritorious criteria were taken into account, narrow staffing within the party came to the fore, and candidacies were distributed through crony relations.
As someone who spent his life in the Republican People’s Party and proudly served at many levels of the party, I regret to announce that I have resigned from my party due to this worrying situation I witnessed.
This story doesn’t end here!
It is announced to the public with respect…


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