[Daily Idiom]Once the door to Sino-US relations is opened, it will never be closed again.

[Daily Idiom]Once the door to Sino-US relations is opened, it will never be closed again.

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Xi Jinping: The story of Sino-US relations is written by the people. Although the two countries have different histories, cultures, social systems, and development paths, their people are both kind, friendly, hard-working and pragmatic. They both love their motherland, their families and their lives, and both have a good impression and interest in each other. It is the two-way rush between people that has brought China-US relations back to the right track from the low point time and time again. I believe that once the door to Sino-US relations is opened, it will never be closed again.

This passage comes from a speech delivered by Chinese President Xi Jinping when he attended a joint welcome banquet of American friendship groups in San Francisco, USA on November 15, local time. It profoundly clarifies that the source of strength to promote the development of Sino-US friendship in different eras lies in the people of the two countries.

Looking back on the past, every critical historical moment of Sino-US relations is inseparable from the two-way efforts of the two peoples. During World War II, the two peoples fought side by side for peace and justice, forging the “Flying Tigers” friendship with blood and fire; in 1971, the two peoples used “the small ball to push the big ball” to achieve a handshake across the Pacific. Between China and the United States, not only the Philadelphia Orchestra continues to write a new chapter in music spanning 50 years, but also the “Friends of Guling” are passing on the story of a century-old friendship. Over the past 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the two countries have established 284 pairs of sister provinces, states, and sister cities. There are more than 300 flights per week and more than 5 million people visiting each other every year. People-to-people exchanges cover culture, education, science and technology, media, and tourism. , health and other fields.

Looking back on the history of people-to-people exchanges between China and the United States, President Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out that the hope of China-US relations lies in the people, the foundation lies in the people, the future lies in the youth, and the vitality lies in the localities. As the largest developing and developed countries in the world, China and the United States are the most important bilateral relations in the world. The healthy and stable development of China-U.S. relations is in the fundamental interests of the two countries and their peoples. The two peoples value each other. Friendship and goodwill are the public opinion foundation and inexhaustible driving force for the healthy development of bilateral relations.

President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to people-to-people exchanges between China and the United States. From inviting Mrs. Gardner to China to visit Guling, Fuzhou, the hometown that Mr. Gardner always dreamed of during his lifetime, to sending congratulatory letters to the “Guling Edge” Sino-US People-to-People Friendship Forum and other activities this year, and replying to Washington The state’s “U.S.-China Youth Student Exchange Association” and friendly people from all walks of life, the chairman of the U.S.-China Aviation Heritage Foundation and the Flying Tigers veteran, the president and CEO of the Philadelphia Orchestra, President Xi Jinping has always personally encouraged and promoted Sino-U.S. people-to-people exchanges, emphasizing that ” The foundation of Sino-US relations lies in the people, and the source of strength lies in people-to-people friendship.”

The relationship between countries lies in the mutual affinity between the people, and the mutual affinity between the peoples lies in the mutual understanding of the hearts. Once the door to Sino-US relations is opened, it will never be closed again. The meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States in San Francisco reached a number of important consensuses on facilitating personnel exchanges and promoting cultural exchanges, including increasing direct passenger flights between China and the United States, holding a high-level dialogue on tourism between China and the United States, and optimizing the visa application process. President Xi Jinping also announced that he would invite 50,000 American teenagers to come to China for exchange and study in the next five years. We expect that these exchanges and exchanges in various fields will become the vital cells and capillaries that further promote the healthy development of Sino-US relations, help the two peoples to jointly continue to write the story of Sino-US friendship in the new era, and let the fruitful fruits of the tree of friendship benefit both countries. people of the country.

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