Darvish: Compassionate fans should demand why Persepolis has come to this day? / Sentence…

Darvish: Compassionate fans should demand why Persepolis has come to this day?  / Sentence…

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Fars: CEO of Persepolis Club said: “Fans should make demands and sympathize. Why is the club in this situation?”

After signing the contract with Oronov, Reza Darvish said to reporters: I congratulate the month of Sha’ban and I hope all the people of Iran have a good time. The Uzbekistan player’s online contract was signed and after the tests they gave last night and today, their contract was officially signed with the club and they will participate in the team’s training from tomorrow.

Regarding whether you will recruit a new player or not, he said: We are thinking of recruiting one or two more players, we have coordinated with the coach in the positions we need. The important thing is to resolve the issue of Radoshovic’s tax debt. I know how worried the fans are, I am also worried about the fans, but no one is thinking about who caused these problems. In the last two months, I paid 70 billion tomans for the original Rado contract because of the ruling given by FIFA. Who should pay this tax? It is about 10-15 billion tomans, no joke. It is not easy to arrange this money, the club is caught in different ways. Club accounts are closed. The foreign payment deadline has also arrived. This requires that it be a market.

Darvish clarified: We do not have the right to broadcast on television, nor do they give us environmental advertisements. The fans should make demands and sympathize, why is the club in this situation? Another verdict against the club is 150 billion tomans. Fans should follow this. I am looking for strengthening the team better than anyone else, but this requires financial foundation and opening the window of the club. The players we got and had, we have not had better than them in Asia.

Regarding whether you will recruit another striker besides Oronov, he said: It depends on the head coach’s opinion. If the head coach needs a new striker, we will search to attract players who are suitable for Persepolis.

Darvish stated that with the recruitment of this Uzbek player, the foreign quota of Persepolis has been filled, and whether Nabil Bahouye will stay in Persepolis, he said: We currently have one or two foreign players who are about to leave. It is the head coach’s decision which one to continue with.

Regarding the fact that you have an official meeting to introduce the new head coach of Persepolis, he said: We will coordinate with the head coach, if he wants to do this, we will definitely do it.

Darvish said about the case of recruiting Mohammad Khodabandelou to Persepolis: I have been involved in this case for more than a month. This player loves me and told me that I have not talked to my father as much as I talk to you every day. They created problems in different ways, they said we accepted 6 billion tomans, they said we accepted 8 billion tomans, they said we accepted 10 billion tomans again, but this time they said to give an important player as well, which is a lack of love. I myself told this player that it is a pity that this kid will lose about 24-25 billion tomans if he wants to come to Persepolis because of his love, but he is admirable and should be appreciated for what sources he goes through for his interest and love. It is very worthy. We will follow up again, in the next day or two, if we can’t recruit him, I will think differently and we will bring a replacement player.

The CEO of Persepolis said about the duration of Oronov’s contract: one season and a half.

Regarding the closed transfer window of Persepolis, he said: We have to provide its resources, we have to pay 10-15 billion tomans to open the window.

Darvish said about the separation of Biranvand and Hananov due to foreign offers: not only these two players, but other players also had offers, all of whom insisted that they stay with Persepolis until the end and, God willing, think about the Asian Championship next season.

He said about the assistants of the new head coach of Persepolis: they signed their contracts and there is no problem, but the transfer window of Persepolis must be opened.


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