Darvish’s shock to Persepolis fans The separation of the Red Stars by the decision of the club

Darvish’s shock to Persepolis fans  The separation of the Red Stars by the decision of the club

According to Hamshahri Online, Persepolis’ six-goal striker, who in the first half of the season and at the height of the team’s problems, was able to carry the burden of the red-faced offensive line, will probably follow a new plan for the second half of the season.

Zahedi, who previously rejected an offer from Europe due to its financial conditions, has now faced a new offer that will probably send him to the Japanese league.

The Reds striker has also conveyed this issue to the club and considering that Persepolis will also benefit from this transfer, there will be no problem for him to issue a consent.
The most important obstacle is the fact that the transfer window of Persepolis Club is currently closed. The incident that caused this team to not be able to benefit from its new purchases in the game against Aluminum. An issue that caused Shahab Zahedi to stop the process of negotiations with Persepolis club to issue his consent and leave after understanding these conditions and postpone it until after this game.

Zahedi is likely to leave the team after the game with Aluminum Arak. Of course, the departure of this player will benefit the Reds in some ways, according to the transfer philosophy of this club. In addition to the fact that Persepolis will get the desired amount by issuing a consent letter, the quota of adults and of course one foreign player will also be empty so that it can easily register the contract of its new players.

However, in the event of Zahedi’s departure, the team currently only has Nabil Bahoui, Isa Al Kathir and Abolfazl Babaei as strikers, and it remains to be seen whether the club’s promise to try to recruit a new foreign striker will come to fruition.


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