Death penalty requested for Kyoto Animation studio attacker

Death penalty requested for Kyoto Animation studio attacker

The trial of detained Aoba regarding the arson attack of the three-storey KyoAni studio in the city’s Fushimi district 4 years ago continues in the Kyoto District Court.

Prosecutors requested the death penalty for Aoba, who admitted to arson KyoAni at the first hearing in September.

Defense lawyers claimed that Aoba was suffering from “mental incapacity” at that time and requested the acquittal of the detainee.

The Kyoto District Court is expected to announce its verdict at the end of January 2024.


At his first court appearance in September, detained Aoba said, “I felt I had no choice but to do what I did. I did not expect that many people could die.” he said.

At the 6th hearing of the case in which he was tried, Aoba stated that he organized the KyoAni attack in 2019, taking as a reference the arson of the financial institution Takefuji in Hirosaki city of Aomoro province in the north in 2001.

Regarding his motivation for setting fire to KyoAni, one of the popular animation producers, Aoba said that he “thought that if he attacked a place with a large number of employees, many people would die.”

Aoba also stated that he sympathized with former death row inmate Kato Tomohiro, who carried out a stabbing in which 7 people died in Tokyo’s Akihabara district in June 2008.


Aoba himself suffered life-threatening burns in the July 2019 attack, in which 36 KyoAni employees died and 33 were injured.

Aoba, who was arrested in May 2020, allegedly sent his work to the competition organized by KyoAni and said on the day of the incident, “I started a fire because my novels were subject to plagiarism.” It was stated that he shouted.

After the allegations, the animation studio announced that the suspect’s works did not pass the pre-selection and were not accepted.

“K-On!” is one of the products of the studio known as “KyoAni” at home and abroad. and “The Sorrow of Haruhi Suzumiya” are recognized in the international market.


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