Death toll in Gaza increased to 13 thousand 300

Death toll in Gaza increased to 13 thousand 300

The government in Gaza stated that the number of deaths in Israel’s attacks increased by 300 in the last 24 hours, reaching 13 thousand 300, 5 thousand 600 of whom were children and 3 thousand 550 were women.


Israel continues its massacre in Gaza before the eyes of the world.

The attacks, which were launched on October 7 using the attacks of Hamas as an excuse, continue day and night. Hospitals, schools and mosques are frequently targeted in attacks.

In this process, the Israeli army brutally murders defenseless civilians. With more than 40 thousand buildings turned into rubble, Gaza turned into a ghost town.

The war, which has been going on for a month, is getting more brutal day by day.

Death toll increased to 13 thousand 300

According to information from the region, the painful toll of the attacks has worsened.

According to the latest developments, the government in Gaza updated the death toll. Accordingly, the number of deaths in Israeli attacks increased by 300 to 13 thousand 300. Of those who died, 5,600 were children and 3,550 were women.

Many buildings were destroyed in the attacks

The ongoing attacks in the region continue to intensify. Finally, as a result of the attacks on Gaza’s Deir Belah city, many buildings were destroyed or severely damaged.

Civil defense teams and local people carried out search and rescue operations in the rubble of the collapsed building.


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