Decree to humiliate the government The loan has not yet been handed out for interpretation. Sia Nid raises the issue of debt, emphasizing the crisis

Decree to humiliate the government  The loan has not yet been handed out for interpretation.  Sia Nid raises the issue of debt, emphasizing the crisis

Secretary of the Royal Decree complains! Being scolded for free even though the government has not yet sent questions about the loan to be distributed for interpretation. Explain the steps There is just a resolution from the Digital Committee that is still pending at the Treasury. Denying that he has any duty to interpret whether it is a crisis or not, “Seththa” emphasizes that the Pheu Thai meeting is giving out urgently needed money. Shocked! Sia Nit tells about the scary debt again. Scheduled a big announcement on 12 Dec. Minister of Pheu Thai ignores the noise. Thanathorn-Sirikanya wins fiercely over the Prime Minister Who is honest and doesn’t say that the loan was given out? “Somchai” clearly reveals the root cause of low GDP, urges the government not to grab the numbers and talk about it. “Somchai” leads a team of academics to raise their hands in support of digital.

On Tuesday, 21 November 2023, there was still continuity in the project to distribute 10,000 baht through the Paotang app in the digital wallet project when Mr. Pakorn Nilpraphan, Secretary-General of the Council of State Gave an interview after the Cabinet (Cabinet) meeting that he met with Mr. Chulaphan Amornvivat, Minister of Finance. In the event that the government has questions regarding the enactment of the 500 billion baht loan bill to be used in the digital wallet project, He asked if there would be a letter to the decree stating whether or not this could be done and when, and received an answer from the minister that he was looking at it.

Mr. Pakorn said Let me explain the steps to ensure a common understanding. When the large digital wallet committee passed a resolution for the Ministry of Finance which is the secretary Ask at the Office of the Council of State. Only if the conditions are met will it be possible to get a loan or not. The resolution was just that. It has not yet reached the stage of drafting laws. I emphasize that this is for asking questions only. Once the question has been submitted, it will enter the normal process of consideration by the Council of State. without setting up a special committee in any way Everything is straightforward. If the conditions are met, you can do it. If the conditions are not met, you cannot do it. There is only one answer. If this can be done, another step will be in drafting the law.

“This morning I asked the minister about this. Because I was scolded for being slow. Even though the matter has not yet been sent to me. The NESDB is waiting. Because I thought the matter had already been sent to me. Everyone thinks like this. But it appears that the reporter knows more than me,” Mr. Pakorn stated.

The reporter asked: NESDB said that if the decree gives an opinion that if The Cabinet cannot continue this way. Maybe there is another way? Mr. Pakorn said he didn’t know. It was a matter for the government to think about. It’s not your own business. and the decree cannot give advice. Because I’m not a politician. but a lawyer by the law that will be taken into consideration There is a constitution Regarding the payment of land And there are also many laws, such as budget laws. Fiscal law public debt law Currency Act Therefore, it cannot be answered whether it is a crisis or not a crisis.

When asked if the government pins its hopes on the decree if the way to issue the loan act is not possible. What channels can be used? Mr. Pakorn said Whether you meet the conditions or not, you have to look at the economic situation, which we don’t know and cannot give in return. As for the question of how to do this, we should not ask because we are not policy makers. It’s not a duty. We emphasize that crisis or not crisis is not the responsibility of the decree. But it is the duty of Cabinet that will find information to support I don’t know what they’re arguing about.

When asked about the case of Mr. Srisuwan Charanya, the leader of the Love the Country, Love the Land organization, complained to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) that the government acted contrary to the constitution. Mr. Pakorn said Nothing has happened yet. I don’t know if it was a request in advance or not. Because the committee has not yet reached a resolution.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Addressing the case, Mr. Pakorn stated that he had not yet received a letter asking for opinions regarding the issuance. The 500 billion baht loan act is still unknown. Haven’t talked about this yet. Let him do his work.

When asked whether the Prime Minister had to go and follow up or not, the Prime Minister said that he wanted to follow up on every matter.

‘Seththa’ talks about resolving debt

When asked further, Mr. Pakorn stated that now it was like being scolded for free. The Prime Minister said, “I don’t see anyone apologizing. How can you use the word cursing? The secretary gave the decree and everyone did their work.”

Later in the evening There was a Pheu Thai Party meeting. Mr. Settha came to the meeting and said: He did not come as the Prime Minister. but came as a party member I want to come listen because MPs are the representatives of the people. Mr. Kru Manit Sangphum, Surin MP, has sparked the issue of informal debt. Which he will continue, divided into 2 parts: debt outside the system and debt in the system. The debt outside the system may also be larger than the debt in the system. We will have a meeting on November 28th and will take the words of Mr. Teacher Manit who went to talk with the district chief and the superintendent or provincial commander as well. To call debtors and creditors and eliminate this problem.

Mr. Settha added that The matter of eliminating informal debt is a very big matter. I went to see it in many places. The numbers are frightening and from the fact that many MPs have spoken about this matter. I believe that if this policy is really put into practice. We must rely on the road. MPs go to help take care of each other. Continue to follow up on the work of taking care of the people. As for debt in the government system, there are many policies. Whether it is a policy to help with debt for teachers, SMEs, the police, and many sectors that have encountered problems. There will be a big press conference on December 12, which hopes that all of this will help solve debt both inside and outside the system in an integrated manner. Make the lives of the people better. In addition, on December 8, there will be a meeting with the new superintendent and the district chief. This will be the first time that the meeting will be held at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.

“Many people suggested that we should talk about drugs as well. But I don’t think it’s time yet. Because it’s better for us to just talk about informal debt. It will be a matter of focus and both departments will be committed to their work. As for drugs If there is a clear policy or suppression that we have We will discuss it further,” Mr. Settha said.

Mr. Settha said about the digital wallet policy that There are a lot of reporters. I don’t want to talk about this policy. But no matter what, I have to say it. Because this matter is necessary, we believe that our MPs as representatives of the people Understand the urgent need to stimulate the economy greatly quickly to happen This point must be left as well. The NESDB secretary told himself directly. I thought I would see GDP increase to 2, but it turned out to be 1.5, which is considered very low, really low, a number that sounds shocking. Therefore, I would like to reiterate that digital wallet policy is necessary. Important and urgent for this country

While Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, gave an interview on Mr. Thanathorn’s case. Therefore, Rungruangkit Chairman of the Progress Committee Stated and shared information about the Pheu Thai Party regarding digital wallets that Don’t talk about this matter at all. There are other things that are more interesting. Today, the NESDB stated that the country’s GDP numbers have dropped a lot. And it is a problem that must be solved. As for the things that politicians have talked about, we shouldn’t talk about them anymore. Today it’s better to talk about the problems of the country. Talk about the economic numbers that are deteriorating. The GDP that is lower than the target must be corrected quickly. If we continue like this, it will be a problem. We don’t have to tell each other whether the economy is good or bad. Because the numbers that come out must find a solution together. Both problems that people will have to face and that the business sector must face

Minister of the Interior Ministry ignores the noise ‘Sirikanya’

When asked about the case Ms. Sirikanya Tansakul, List of MPs and Deputy Leader of the Progressive Party Came out to respond that the GDP numbers that came out belong to the industrial sector rather than public consumption. Mr. Phumtham said Ms. Sirikanya should go talk to NESDB. Because we are not the ones proposing the numbers. Today the government listens to what the NESDB has to say. Because it’s someone who looks at all the numbers. As for those who disagree, please explain it to those involved. The government has a duty to work fully.

As for Mr. Chulphan, he declined to comment on the case. Ms. Sirikanya stated that she has not yet listened to what Ms. Sirikanya said Let’s go listen to the numbers from NESDB.

Mr. Pichai Naripthaphan, Vice Chairman of the Party’s Strategic and Political Committee and Advisor to the Prime Minister, stated that the Thai economy is likely to be seriously stagnant. After the NESDB announced that GDP in the third quarter expanded only 1.5% and the Thai economy’s continued low expansion, over the past 10 years the economy expanded on average only 1.8-1.9% per year, which is very low and the lowest in ASEAN. Thailand has been dubbed the sick man of Asia by foreign media even before the Covid crisis. and confirmed being in a boiled frog state It is according to the boiled frog theory that has been warned since 2016 and was sent by General Prayut to sue in 2017 as evidence of the warning. But the Prosecutor’s Office ordered no charges filed. Therefore, Thailand must leap out of this boiling frog situation. The Thai economy must be accelerated to expand to 5% according to the potential as stated by the World Bank, IMF and ADB.

Mr. Santi Prompat, Deputy Minister of Public Health As the deputy leader of the Phalang Pracharat Party (PPRP), giving an interview on the matter of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the leader of the PPRP Party, did he give any special instructions to the party? That Gen. Prawit also had a meeting with Party executives already have it every Monday. For example, on November 20th, we discussed current special issues such as the 10,000 baht digital money project. How do we do it? What will the people be like?

When asked whether General Prawit agreed with this project or not. Mr. Santi said The leader said that the people’s economy is a little tight right now. If the people get 10,000 baht, the people are happy and want it, but they have to see. If the constitutional law is good Financial and banking laws, etc. If there are no problems, they say that it’s good. People have spent money. But if the constitution or various laws are attached You will probably have to find other channels as well.

Mr. Chaichana Dechdecho, Nakhon Si Thammarat MP Acting Deputy Secretary General of the Democrat Party (Democrat Party) said that Thailand currently has public debt of 11 trillion baht, only government debt of 9.7 trillion baht, state enterprises another 1.7 trillion baht. Today, both academics Bank of Thailand And all relevant agencies have come out to confirm that they do not agree to borrow money. Because the country is not yet in crisis. This was a loan to satisfy the policy of a political party. Now, 5 people have filed a complaint with the Loan Act to the Ombudsman’s Office because it violates Section 140 of the Constitution and the Financial Discipline Act. at 53

Hits the Prime Minister for being honest

“In this matter, if the Prime Minister Still stubbornly presenting it to the House of Representatives and then blaming the House of Representatives on the day the House didn’t pass the draft. I think the Prime Minister is immature and doesn’t have the qualifications to do his job. The facts must be brought up on the day the campaign announcement said that they would not borrow money. Will earn money to distribute to the people. Today, only 70 days have passed. The Prime Minister is being honest, swallowing his saliva, spitting in his own face and saying that he borrowed 500,000 million baht. I don’t agree with this,” Mr. Chaichana said.

Mr. Chaichana also called on all MPs that if this loan bill comes in, they must vote against it. In order not to create more debt for the country. We do not prevent people from getting money. But how to get the Prime Minister’s money? You must follow your words. That is, don’t borrow money. and raise money to pay to the people

Mr. Somchai Srisutthiyakorn, Advisor to the Committee, follows up on the budget. House of Representatives Posted on Facebook that in the topic “Did the NESDB forget to tell the government something?” The GDP number for the third quarter that the NESDB said grew only 1.5, which caused a chorus of voices from the government that it was already a crisis. It is a reason to support the matter of borrowing 500,000 million baht to distribute to the people in order to solve the crisis of falling GDP. The reason is that GDP is low. namely public consumption -4.9, merchandise exports -3.1 and public investment -2.6, while the positive factors are private consumption +8.1 and service exports +23.1, meaning that people have a lot of money to consume. increased by 8.1% while the government spent 4.9% less, causing GDP to be low. Government consumption is negative. Why? Why is state investment negative? The answer is that the 2024 national budget has been delayed for 7 months. Instead of being able to pay from October 2023, the payment will be May 2024.

“Negative government consumption and government investment It continues until the 3rd quarter of 2024 and if procurement is not planned well. Just worrying about borrowing to distribute, the 4th quarter of 2024 is still in the negative. Stop the habit of picking up numbers and talking only about what you get. And telling the truth to the people would be better,” Mr. Somchai posted.

Academics support digital

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai Phakapaswiwat An independent academic in economics and politics said that the Thai economy is currently having problems. Because of slow expansion and has the lowest Thai growth rate in ASEAN The government’s digital currency policy will help make the economy better. Don’t worry too much. The government should take other measures. Along with stimulating the economy, such as promoting tourism. public debt reduction Various tax measures Importantly, the country’s competitive structure must be accelerated. Develop infrastructure and attract investors into the country. Especially in the EEC area etc.

“The Thai economy in 2024 as a whole will probably recover around 3.2-3.3%, but if digital money comes up. This may give the opportunity to grow to 4.5-5%, although many may be concerned that the enactment of the Loan Act in such an amount It may cause Thailand’s public debt to increase. But I want you to think that you shouldn’t worry beyond reason. Because digital money will definitely help stimulate the economy. Especially in the short term And there are still many measures that the government is taking to stimulate the Thai economy. It will allow the Thai economy to move out of its problems,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pisit Bunsrimuang, Lecturer, Department of Telecommunications Engineering Faculty of Engineering King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang also said Confident that digital currency policy will not only have a positive effect on stimulating the economy But it will also help increase digital skills for people in the country. It is considered a strategy for teaching people to use digital technology in their daily lives. This policy is good for promoting. and will further support Thailand’s emergence as a cashless society.

Dr. Paichit Wiboonthanasarn, Economist As the Vice-President of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, he said that digital money will help increase Thai people’s skills, knowledge and understanding of financial technology in two areas: The first issue is that it will increase Thai people’s skills in understanding and using digital technology. Because right now China is very far away. Thailand is still running behind. Therefore, this project will improve the Thai people’s base to have a broader understanding of digital skills. Especially expanding to people in rural areas. It is preparation for moving the country into the future world. And the second point Digital money will make Thai people more efficient in managing their finances and will encourage more Thai people to enter a cashless society in the future, like China. with purchases made through Alipay and WeChat Pay, so Thailand must adapt. Moving forward to develop more skills in using digital money for Thai people.

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