Deputy Belik: Stoltenberg trolls Kyiv with words about its “entry” into NATO

Deputy Belik: Stoltenberg trolls Kyiv with words about its “entry” into NATO


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg once again promised that Ukraine “will definitely become a member of NATO.” His words were commented on by State Duma deputy from Sevastopol, member of the International Affairs Committee Dmitry Belik in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

Stoltenberg points out that the topic of Kyiv joining the alliance is simply “a matter of time.” According to him, this process will definitely be launched someday.

Belik noted that such statements can be called “trolling” of Ukraine by NATO.

“Serious people don’t make vague promises,” Belik noted.

The secretary general of the alliance does not give specifics, although he has been promising Ukraine a happy future for a long time. The Kiev regime does not even know when exactly the process will be launched.

The deputy added that perhaps Ukraine will never live up to its promise and will cease to exist as a state much earlier. The current situation in the special operation zone shows that the Kiev regime is unable to cope with the confrontation.

Previously, Stoltenberg assured that Ukraine would not be accepted into the North Atlantic Alliance in several stages, as happens when joining the European Union. In his opinion, an actual invitation will already mean membership in NATO.


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