Devlet Bahçeli: MHP has added strength to the power of the People’s Alliance!

Devlet Bahçeli: MHP has added strength to the power of the People’s Alliance!


MHP Chairman Bahçeli said, “With 16.62 percent of the votes in the local elections and 220 mayoralties won by the Nationalist Movement Party, it has revived hopes and added strength to the power of the People’s Alliance.” said.


Nationalist Movement Party Chairman Devlet Bahçeli published a commemorative message on the anniversary of the death of Alparslan Türkeş.

Bahçeli said in his statement:

It is a magnanimous and loyal characteristic of our nation that exceptional names that left deep traces on Turkish political and democratic life have a strong place in the social conscience and are remembered with appreciation, respect and gratitude.

It is an obvious fact that valuable individuals, endowed with love for the homeland and nation, influenced not only the periods in which they lived, but also the periods after them, with their ideas, views and opinions.

Our late Chief Alparslan Türkeş Bey has such qualities and dignity.

One of the leaders who made a name for himself with his righteous struggle during the difficult and troubled years of our country and who most embraced the feeling of national unity and brotherhood was the late Mr. Türkeş.

He was distinguished by his love for the country and the ideal; He came to the agenda and entered people’s hearts as a person of cause, state and politics.

Moreover, he never compromised on his beliefs and principles.

No one will be able to deny that he played a prominent role in the past and past phases of the idea of ​​Turkish nationalism, which first fed and blossomed with the sap of Turkish history and culture, then flourished and spread its roots deep, and then became politicized and turned into a social movement.

In today’s time, the Nationalist Movement Party and the Ülkü Ocakları, the two sacred trusts of the late Mr. Türkeş, have reached the level of being the guardian of national and spiritual values ​​on the one hand, and the assurance of the future and independence of our nation on the other.


In these days when black propaganda, dark projects and pessimistic lies are constantly active, the Nationalist Movement Party has come to the fore as the light of stability and prestige of Turkish politics.

In the light of this fact, the Nationalist Movement Party, with its 16.62 percent vote rate and 220 mayoralties won in the Local Government Elections of March 31, 2024, revived hopes and added strength to the power of the People’s Alliance.

Our party has always been an interpreter of national aspirations and goals, and has listened to what our nation says.

As a matter of fact, Turkish nationalism, which is the intellectual pivot of our perspective on life and events, is inseparable and impossible to separate from democracy.

While the late Mr. Türkeş was alive, everyone who constantly created discord and propaganda and struggled to establish the MHP without Türkeş is today in a race to weaken the Nationalist Movement Party with exploitation and invasion attempts within the scope of his name and memories.

Of course, we do not have any common-sense person who will take seriously, pay attention, or be convinced by the false and insincere stances of those with malicious intentions.


It should not be forgotten that Nationalist Movement Party means; It means the worldly heart of Turkishness, the moral high ground of Turkey, the face of reason, heart, trust and faith of Turks and the Turkish nation.

The Nationalist Movement Party, which will embrace a 55-year past and shine like a pole star in the Turkish centuries of the future, will grasp the spirit of the age and respond with a vigilant will against the adverse and disruptive currents of the time. The future for our party and Turkey is clear.

In approximately 4 years without elections, our country will continue its rise with reforms that will be extended to every field.

Everyone will see what kind of democratic fate those who begin to show their provocations and become spoiled by the temporary gains they have gained in politics will face at the end of the day.

The goals of the Turkish and Turkish Century will definitely be achieved.

I believe that the soul of the late Mr. Türkeş, who longed and dreamed of Turkish unity, will be happy.

On the 27th anniversary of his death, our late Chief Alparslan Türkeş Bey, our beloved martyrs, our esteemed ancestors who died for the love of the homeland and nation throughout history; I commemorate our idealists who lost their lives for these values ​​with mercy, gratitude and gratitude.

Their place is Heaven, may God Almighty be pleased with each and every one of them.


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