Diaa Rashwan on Israel’s threats: Egypt’s response will not be limited to symbolic measures

Diaa Rashwan on Israel’s threats: Egypt’s response will not be limited to symbolic measures

Mohammed Shaban

Published on: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – 12:53 AM | Last updated: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – 12:53 AM

Journalist Diaa Rashwan, head of the Egyptian State Information Service, confirmed that Egypt will not accept any infringement on its national security or territory, or any attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

He said during statements to the program “The Last Word” with the journalist Lamis Al-Hadidi, broadcast on the “ON E” screen, on Monday evening, that the Egyptian response “will not be limited to symbolic measures, such as withdrawing or expelling ambassadors, if Egyptian national security or Egyptian lands are threatened or Liquidating the Palestinian issue.”

He explained that the Egyptian positions are clear and will not accept compromising Egypt’s national security or liquidating the Palestinian issue, stressing that there is no internal disagreement about the Egyptian position regarding the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, saying: “The Egyptian people will not forgive and neither they nor their government nor their state will allow this matter.” .

He continued: “Egypt has the means to defend its security, and I do not think that symbolic measures of all kinds, such as expelling the ambassador, are excluded. But the actual measures have reached Israel and those who reach it, which could result in any action.”

He explained that Israel was unable, with its army, weapons, billions, and US missiles, to confront a few thousand resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip, expressing his astonishment at the crazy actions of some Israeli government ministers, asking: “How can Israel rub shoulders, provoke, or push the largest country in the Middle East and the most capable of confronting them?” What threat?

He added that Israel seeks in various ways and means to achieve any progress with its three goals, which have all failed to achieve, whether in terms of ending the resistance’s ability or liberating detainees, or making Gaza safe for Israel, including the blood of Palestinians or straining relations with Egypt in order to advance progress in Course of negotiations.

He concluded, “We cannot rule out any possibility of harming the security of Egypt and its land, and we are all confident in the ability of Egypt’s political leadership and army.”


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