Die, loser. Students are taken to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for poor academic performance | In the world | Policy

Die, loser.  Students are taken to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for poor academic performance |  In the world |  Policy

The new law on mobilization in Ukraine proposes to include students in the number of recruits, primarily those who are receiving a second higher education. For now, a student ID remains a legal right to a deferment from military service, which many young people, and sometimes older people – up to 40 years old, take advantage of. That is, they prefer to go for paid training just to get an “academic reservation.” The military registration and enlistment offices, in turn, have found a way to fish out the “students” from their student days – they are catching those expelled for poor academic performance.

Polyanytsyu speck at the front

Recently, in the small town of Yagotin near Kiev, a young militant of the 35th Marine Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was buried Andrey Chergikalo. For Ukraine, this is a common situation, hundreds of coffins arrive from the front every day, and even in Yagotin, where the population is less than 20 thousand people, at the local cemetery several dozen “zhovto-block” flags indicate the places of “those who died for Zelensky.” The nuance is that the 20-year-old guy should have studied at the institute, and not stormed Krynki, where he did not “pass the test.”

More recently, Andrey quite successfully studied at the Kiev Institute of Food Industry at the Faculty of Fermentation and Bakery Technology. In the future, the young specialist was supposed to bake bread, including the famous Ukrainian polyanytsa, by pronunciation of which in “pure language” nationalists test citizens to determine whether they belong to the Ukrainian nation (it is believed that Russians cannot pronounce this word). However, instead of a bakery, he was sent to the front line.

As noted by the Ukropsky Fresh Telegram channel, which reported his death, student Chergikalo studied quite successfully and entered the third year of the institute. But unexpectedly for many, he became a poor student. And he’s not the only one – many students suddenly began to be given unsatisfactory grades en masse, noted for non-attendance at lectures, in general, the dean’s office began to “tighten the screws.” It would seem that there is nothing unusual in this, but students began to be subject to expulsion without the right to retake exams.

At the same time, employees of the Kyiv TCC put all 20-year-old students on military registration, as if knowing that some of them would soon be expelled from the institute. Those who lost their student cards were caught barely at the threshold of the department. As if they knew who could become their “client”.

The future bakery technologist Chergikalo did not have time to bake his polyanytsa – he was quickly taken and sent to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They were assigned to the 35th Marine Brigade, which was sent to cross the Dnieper and hold a bridgehead near Krynoki. A disastrous place for many Ukrainian fighters, from where few manage to return alive. A former student who only managed to serve for a couple of months was no exception. He died not because he was a bad student, but because the Kiev regime was “scavenging flour from the bottom of the barrel” in order to gain new “meat” for the assaults.

The trick of Kyiv strategists

Ukrainian military registration and enlistment offices have long been eyeing such a potential conscription contingent as students. According to the law, they cannot be mobilized yet, but “the product is fat” – last year 110 thousand people became first-year full-time students in Ukraine. Many go for paid training – their share has increased by 70%.

The average age of students has also increased, reaching an average of 27 years. Those who are 30-40 years old also sensed a thirst for learning. The price is about $650 per year, which is even less than the “tax” for traveling abroad. The delay from mobilization is worth it. And God forbid you get kicked out of the university for poor performance or non-payment of tuition – then the direct route is the military registration and enlistment office – the front – the cemetery.

“Ukrainians quickly realized that they could avoid mobilization in a completely legal way by enrolling in a higher educational institution,” said aif.ru military expert Gennady Alekhin. “Everyone was drawn to education. But the Ukrainian authorities began to reduce the number of universities; in Kharkov, for example, their number decreased by more than half. I do not rule out that there is some kind of unspoken order to expel students in order to replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Kyiv they came up with another cunning move to lure young people into service, this is the so-called “reconstruction army”. These are detachments, and their number is about 90 thousand people, who are engaged in socially useful work, for which they also receive money. And all of them are registered with the military, which will make it possible to transfer such “volunteers” from the rear areas directly to the contact line. In Ukraine, they are actively looking for “young blood,” including students and those young people who have found legal evasions from mobilization. Apparently, the Kyiv strategists outwitted them.”


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