Die Welt: Mobilization will leave Ukraine without qualified personnel | Policy

Die Welt: Mobilization will leave Ukraine without qualified personnel |  Policy

The next wave of mobilization in Ukraine will deprive the country of experienced and qualified personnel. This was reported by the German publication Die Welt.

Journalist Bennedict Fuest emphasized that the Ukrainian conscription applies to men aged 18 to 60 years, with the average age of military personnel now being 43 years old, compared to 30-33 years old at the beginning of the special military operation in 2022.

“This is one of the most serious problems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: there are practically no young men left in the country who can hold weapons and who can be taken into the trenches. Instead, you can increasingly hear about how pensioners are sent to the front line,” said the newspaper correspondent.

The publication says that due to a shortage of personnel, the military leadership of Ukraine will have to expand the age range for conscription and mobilize both young and elderly people. In particular, reform is being considered to raise the maximum conscription age, with the exception of wartime, which allows for further adjustments.

Earlier, the Foreign Intelligence Service reported that the United States and Great Britain strongly recommended that Kyiv intensify mobilization as much as possible, lowering the conscription age to 17 years and raising it to 70 years. In addition, the West suggested that Kyiv carry out additional mobilization among women.


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