Dikbayr, who was asked to be expelled, paid the tribute to Y Party: They asked for money from me

Dikbayr, who was asked to be expelled, paid the tribute to Y Party: They asked for money from me

The crisis, which started after the defeat of the Y Party in the May 28 elections held together with the CHP, has flared up again with the recent resignations.

According to the news made by Yeni Şafak; Mit Dikbayir, the nephew of General Minister Meral Akener and the deputy chairman of the party responsible for financial affairs, became the visible face of the fight.

The comments of Dikbayir, who said that he handed over the party’s coffers with 132 million TL during his term, but learned that the earnings decreased to minus 16 million TL after he left office, increased the tension.

Dikbayr, who petitioned the party to examine the accounts of himself, Meral Akener and their relatives, was referred to discipline with a request for expulsion from the party due to the steps he took.

Dikbayr, who resigned from the party without waiting for a decision, made new allegations in a program he attended on TV100.

Stating that he went to the Parliament after handing over his financial duties in the new term after the May elections, Dikbayir said that the MPs were asked for large amounts of money by party officials.


Saying that he was also asked for 500 thousand TL, Dikbay said:

We went to the Parliament after the Parliament. Shortly after, the MPs were asked for money. 1 million from some, 500 thousand from some, 250 thousand from some… If it were said “Look at it”; We will buy a building for the party, we will organize a campaign… Members of Parliament would meet and give money depending on who was in their situation. I was asked for 500 thousand lira and I did not pay it. It was requested because the party had no money.


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