Dimas Anggara was chosen to play the role of KAHMI founder Prof. Lafran Pane, this is the reason

Dimas Anggara was chosen to play the role of KAHMI founder Prof. Lafran Pane, this is the reason

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The Alumni Corps of the Islamic Student Association (KAHMI) together with the production house Reborn Intiatives highlight the story of the struggle of the founder of HMI, Prof. Lafran Pane. Actor Dimas Anggara was appointed as the main actor who plays the character of Lafran Pane in the film entitled Lafran This.

Film producer Lafran, Deden Ridwan, said, Dimas was chosen after a long discussion process and his spirit was very suitable. In fact, when talking with one of the leaders of the Yogyakarta branch of HMI, Dimas was very fluent in telling Prof. Lafran’s life journey.

“Dimas met one of the Chairmen of the Yogya branch of HMI, he was able to tell the background story of who Prof Lafran was, he was an inspiration. “Likewise the director, he animates, he studies, he can explain who Lafran is,” said Deden at the release of the trailer and poster for the film Lafran at the KAHMI Center Building, Jakarta, Monday (20/11/2023).

According to him, Dimas has been framed in the perspective of the figure of Prof. Lafran Pane. “If he gets into the story, gets into the plot, he will fit in better, enjoy it more, so his acting won’t be artificial. “Of course it is also supported by his track record as an actor, that’s for sure,” said Deden again.

He felt how important the challenge of playing Prof. Lafran Pane as an icon who cared for Indonesian and Islamic in one breath was able to be carried out by Dimas. He invited all Indonesian people to watch this film on February 5 2024, exactly a week before the 2024 presidential election.

The initial story of this film begins when Lafran lost his two beloved women, his mother who died when he was two years old and his grandmother who also died several years later. He felt that losing the two important women in his life was like losing his rudder.

His father, Sutan Pangurabaan, who was also a movement figure in North Sumatra, traveled too often so Lafran had to live with his older brother. At that young age, Lafran became a rebel against unfair conditions that required him to move to various schools.

Having also been a street boxer, finally his two brothers, Sanusi and Armijn Pane, suggested that he produce works using Lafran’s rebellious energy. Lafran’s journey from South Tapanuli to Jakarta to Yogyakarta has changed Lafran’s perspective on fighting.

Lafran’s idealism became stronger, his principles of life were upheld, giving him a big vision in fighting for Indonesianness. From all the conflict and friction he faced, it will be shown how Lafran remained strong in his heart to uphold HMI.

Apart from Dimas Anggara, this film will also star a number of stars such as Mathias Muchus, Ariyo Wahab, Lala Karmela, Alfie Alfandi, Ratna Riantiarno, Farandika, and Nabil Lunggana. Film Lafran directed by Faozan Rizal, who is also the film director Habibie & Ainun. Faozan also often collaborates with Hanung Bramantyo as cinematographer.

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