Director of Khon Kaen Buddhist Office Scammers stole more than 1 million baht and revealed that he thought about committing suicide.

Director of Khon Kaen Buddhist Office  Scammers stole more than 1 million baht and revealed that he thought about committing suicide.

Director of Khon Kaen Buddhist Office Scammers had money sucked out of their account, losing more than 1.19 million baht after clicking the link to apply for a Thai Airways card. He revealed that he once thought about committing suicide but received Dharma teachings from the monk so he made up his mind to fight. Ready to appoint lawyers to sue unsafe banks

Feb. 13, 2024 – At the Office of Buddhism, Khon Kaen Province, Lt. Chulsan Thanin-at, Director of the Office of Buddhism, Khon Kaen Province, brought documents evidence of money transfer to show to the media after being sucked up by scammers. Empty money in bank account after applying for Thai Airways card By confirming that the steps have been completed completely and that various information has been carefully examined.

Acting Lt. Chulsan said he had reserved a flight ticket for the Khon Kaen-Bangkok route. Scheduled to travel on February 5-6, saw the link from Thai Airways. So I inquired about the ticket price. But I still haven’t been able to buy it. Because you can book other airlines first because they are cheaper. After that, a Thai Airways line messaged me that Interested in becoming a member? I see that Thai Airways is owned by Thai people. It doesn’t cost much to apply for membership. It is considered to help the airlines of Thailand. So I decided to apply by sending my English name and telephone number for the position. This is not a personal number linked to the banking app for fear of fraudsters.

“Then in the afternoon There is a Thai Airways line that is used to communicate with each other. A video call came in, so I answered the phone. But the source doesn’t reveal the face. Then allow yourself to confirm the application. As I thought it might be a safety issue for the airline. So you need to scan your face and set a code. before the fraudsters hang up the phone Later in the evening So opened the Krungthai Bank application. to check the money in the account But when I looked at the balance, it was only 0.87 baht, so I was shocked as to how the money had disappeared.”

Acting Lt. Chulsan further said that When the balance is lost So he went to report the crime at the police station. and call the bank immediately In the morning I went to inform the bank. But I can’t do anything. The police seized two accounts where the money was transferred, namely Land and Houses Bank. with Bank of Ayudhya But there was only 300 baht left in the frozen account. So he went to ask for help from the Cyber ​​Police Unit or the Central Police Station. Before filing a consumer lawsuit with the account owner’s bank

“Confirm that it was not due to your own negligence because the Krungthai Bank app was not opened while making a transaction with the link claiming to be from Thai Airways. But it’s a message on Line. and send only mobile numbers that are not linked to the bank In addition, personally, the money transfer was set to not exceed 500,000 baht, but what happened there was a million baht transfer.”

Acting Lt. Chulsan added that On the day I went to contact the bank, I found that there were two other people whose money had been stolen by the culprit. One person had 4 million baht sucked, so he is now taking legal action and hiring a lawyer to sue the bank according to the next steps. However, on the first day of the incident I admit that I thought about killing myself. So he called to say goodbye to the elders he knew. Then he taught: People are born empty-handed and return empty-handed. So don’t let this loss ruin the rest of your life. Made me decide not to harm my own life and will continue to follow the steps of the law.


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