“Disgraceful.” People were outraged by Gverdtsiteli’s singing in Russian on a yellow-blue background | Person | Culture

“Disgraceful.”  People were outraged by Gverdtsiteli’s singing in Russian on a yellow-blue background |  Person |  Culture

Last year, after the start of the SVO Tamara Gverdtsiteli left Russia. At first she said that the departure was due to her mother’s illness. It was not possible to cure her. After the departure of a loved one, Tamara was depressed and consulted doctors. Then rumors spread that she stopped singing for health reasons.

I burst into tears on stage

However, it is now clear: Gverditeli finished singing only in Russia. “Career termination” does not apply to other countries. This spring she performed in the USA, and in Moldova in the summer. In the fall, she took part in the musical “Sunset Boulevard” by Webber, which was performed in Yerevan by artists from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Russia. In Russian.

The other day the singer delighted the people of Kazakhstan. And on November 23, she is expected in Uzbekistan – with a big solo concert, in which the songs beloved by many will be performed in Russian.

In Kazakhstan, by the way, Gverdtsiteli communicated with the public in Russian. “Today there is such a thing going on in the world that each of us must light our own candle in our souls,” she said from the stage. “A candle of goodness, peace, humanity.” After this, a song was sung in Russian: “Let the roar of hostility and evil speech cease, There is no other person’s misfortune in the world – light the candles! And become a little kinder and more humane, Light candles in your soul, like in an altar!”

Eyewitnesses claim that the lighting design of the stage during the performance appeared in yellow-black colors. And Gverdtsiteli herself burst into tears.

Going to America, she declared that she would no longer sing in Russian. Her luggage includes French, English, Georgian, and Hebrew. However, Gverdtsiteli’s audience everywhere, except Georgia, is Russian-speaking.

“Spit and forget”

After a tour of the United States, activists contacted the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee with a demand to revoke the Russian citizenship of the People’s Artist of Russia. Many Internet users have the same opinion: “Let him give away the apartment in Moscow that was given to him as a gift. Did you pay taxes for renting out the apartment?”, “Deprive your citizenship with confiscation,” “Maybe it’s time to deprive you of your title? What kind of a people’s artist is she?”, “What a creature she turned out to be, she owes everything to Russia. Spit… and forget forever.”

User Zhi suggested: “Actually, it was necessary to launch a people’s petition with a collection of signatures, where to indicate a list of “great figures” with a demand to deprive them of people’s titles. If the title is called “people’s”, then let the people make their decision by collecting signatures. The list can already begin: Rotaru, Pugacheva, Gverdtsiteli, Vaikule.”

There are a lot of bright responses on the topic of language: “Everything Russian is being canceled, but they speak Russian, sing in Russian,” “Why does he sing in Russian, and not in Georgian or Kazakh?”

Sveti: “The mighty Russian language! Kazakhs would listen to her if she sang in Georgian.”

Olga Olaons: “She herself doesn’t understand that she’s talking nonsense about candles… I didn’t think she was such a fool.”

Hedgehog minikkirpi: “I never understood why she was assigned to… “stars”? It was always unpleasant to listen to her voice. It’s like some kind of bleating…”

“Let him sit there”

Over the past year and a half, many have managed to forget about the existence of the singer, but now they think: it’s better for her not to return to Russia. Ekaterina writes: “Remember less about the bastards, they will immediately dissolve into nothing.”

Natalia: “Lord, from under which baseboard did the old wallet crawl out??!”

Lyudmila: “Yes, and to your health, just don’t let the dirt pour on Russia.”

Svetlana: “Let him sit there. Stop being compassionate.”

Galina Vvedenskaya: “And she doesn’t need to rush to us to earn money.”

Tatyana Shumova: “The money is over and so are the depressions.”

There were also those who spoke about the singer’s vocal abilities:

Elena: “Not singing, but continuous bleating. It’s sickening to listen to this sheep.”

Julia: “Her voice… You can hear it especially in the song “Vivat, the King.” This is her only song. She sang with a trembling voice, the impression after her performance was heavy.”

In general, people are disappointed with the behavior of the singer, who, having arrived from Georgia, really received everything in Russia: fame, love from listeners, citizenship, an apartment, the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, the best halls, huge fees.

“It’s a disgrace,” says Tatyana. “It’s such a shame!” Igor1969A is indignant.

Dmitry Petrovsky: “A corrupt creature… She earned both popularity and money in Russia.”

Access Denied: “Her entire repertoire is in Russian… In moments like our country is going through now, her behavior and actions are tantamount to betrayal… She enjoyed all the benefits of this country and from any government in abundance. And the people gave it their objective assessment.”

Roman: “Now the stories will begin about how she fed Russia.”

VV “By the way, where was the “great” Tamara when Saakashvili attacked South Ossetia? Convicted a crazy murderer? No!! Hypocrite. When it’s all over, this lady will immediately crawl here to grub.”

Sergei: “But I haven’t heard that all these 30 years Gverdtsiteli has condemned the United States and its NATO allies for the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia. I hope she has now “branded” Israel?”


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