[District Review Line]Combining blockade prevention and dredging to create a “combination punch” to rectify Internet violence

[District Review Line]Combining blockade prevention and dredging to create a “combination punch” to rectify Internet violence

With the popularization and development of the Internet, the Internet has become an important platform for people to obtain information and communicate. However, the subsequent growth and spread of online violence not only affects the order of cyberspace, but also poses a threat to social harmony and stability. In response to this problem, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China recently launched a month-long special operation of “Cleaning Up and Censoring Cyber ​​Violence”, which is an important measure to maintain the order of cyberspace and build a good cyber ecology.

To rectify online hostility, we must strengthen publicity and guidance to effectively prevent the occurrence of online hostility. In recent years, there have been frequent incidents of cyber violence resulting from cyber hostility and resulting injuries. In the face of frequent problems, relevant departments should increase publicity efforts to guide netizens to correctly understand the harm caused by online violence, maintain rational thinking when facing complex information, not blindly follow or be credulous, and improve access to personal information. and analytical skills, speak civilly and rationally online, and do not be an “accomplice” in generating and spreading online hostility. It is necessary to strengthen policy guidance, encourage network service operators to further improve their scientific and technological level, implement their main responsibilities, develop and develop anti-violence and anti-cyber violence related functions, promptly deal with accounts that maliciously guide netizens to “fight” and abuse each other, and ensure that netizens use relevant services when they are using them. Be protected from online hostility. It is necessary to strengthen industry self-discipline, guide network anchors, self-media “big V” and other new industry practitioners to establish good professional ethics, not to maliciously create online hostility, and not to use online hostility to harvest traffic and seek benefits. Take multiple measures to improve the awareness of all network participants about the dangers of hostility and effectively prevent the occurrence and spread of hostility online.

To rectify online violence, we must build strong institutional barriers and resolutely plug the loopholes in the management of online violence. It is necessary to track changes in network forms and promptly improve and revise relevant laws and regulations on network governance. Increase the punishment of online infringements caused by online hostility, reduce the cost for individuals to pursue online illegal activities, resolutely ensure that there are laws to abide by, and those who violate the law must be punished, and resolutely punish a group of illegal accounts, groups and website platforms to provide a strong deterrent The unhealthy trend of using online hostility to maliciously vent extreme emotions and seek economic benefits. It is necessary to strengthen inter-departmental linkage and establish a rescue linkage mechanism. After receiving help or discovering a victim of online violence, early intervention is required to provide legal services, psychological counseling, rumor clarification and other support to the victim. A two-pronged approach will be used to reduce the harm caused by online illegal and criminal activities caused by online hostility.

To rectify online violence, we need to channelize the emotions of netizens and do the second half of the rectification work. We must realize that network phenomena are projections of the real world and reflect some conditions in real society. Individual injustices, unfair phenomena and negative events that exist in society are easily amplified in cyberspace, thus forming a kind of cyber hostility. Relevant departments should carefully capture and analyze the sources of hostility, keep an eye on the pulse of public opinion, promptly and effectively respond to the concerns of netizens, handle issues of public concern openly and transparently, and maintain social fairness and justice. In daily work, when facing the masses, we must clarify work procedures, standardize work measures, strengthen communication, and smooth public opinion feedback mechanisms to effectively enhance the people’s sense of security, happiness, and gain, and reduce the possibility of hostility from the root cause. Actively “connect to the Internet”, use reform and innovation to enhance the guidance of public opinion, strive to find the “greatest common denominator”, and build the Internet platform into a new platform for state governance. We will go all out to calm the emotions of netizens, defuse online hostility, create a good public opinion atmosphere for high-quality development, and strive to do a good job in rectification work.second half of article“.

(author:Wang Hongkun)


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