Do real things to benefit the people (People’s Forum)

Do real things to benefit the people (People’s Forum)

“I have lost my household registration book and have to go to my hometown thousands of miles away to get a new one. It would be great if the police station where I work can get a new one.” “It is really inconvenient to go to the police station in my hometown several times to handle a small matter like changing my education level.” There is a place In response to the people’s practical demands for household registration work, the public security department relied on the provincial population information management system to implement the “cross-station” business, allowing more data to go around and less errands for the people to do. In the second batch of thematic education, the majority of party members and cadres solved problems, promoted development, did practical things, and solved people’s concerns. Such real changes continued to emerge.

Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has a distinct character of the people. All the intensive intra-party study and education sessions since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China are essentially a process of revisiting, understanding and practicing the original intention. “Practicing the purpose is “Benefiting the people” is one of the five specific goals of this thematic education. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his inspection in Jiangxi: “We must do practical things that benefit the people, promote development with hard work, and win the trust of the people.”

There is no trivial matter in people’s livelihood, and the branches and leaves are always related to feelings. The second batch of thematic education is carried out at the grassroots level, with more direct contact with the masses, more complex contradictions and more specific problems that the masses expect to be solved. In daily life, food safety, whether the heating is hot or not, the community environment is clean and untidy, and the elderly care services are not satisfactory…these “key little things” in life reflect the most direct and practical interests that the people are most concerned about. . The people know the actual situation best, are easiest to identify problems, have the most experience in solving problems, and are best able to create solutions to problems. To discover and solve problems, we must make good use of the party’s fundamental work line and working methods of “from the masses, to the masses”, get down and sink to the front line, ask the people for advice and have a deep understanding of the people’s sentiments , accurately grasp public opinion, do the work more meticulously and more meticulously, and truly put good facts into the hearts of the people.

Development is the foundation and key to solving all problems. To better meet the people’s growing needs for a better life, we must continuously liberate and develop productive forces, improve the quality and efficiency of development, and promote high-quality development to achieve tangible results. The purpose of carrying out centralized study and education within the party is to resolve contradictions and promote career development. It is necessary to take the theme education as an opportunity to conduct an in-depth search for the outstanding contradictions and shortcomings that affect and restrict high-quality development, identify the correct positioning, clarify the direction, integrate resources, and make precise efforts. We must firmly establish the concept of political achievements that benefit the people, insist on laying the foundation and benefiting the long-term, draw a blueprint to the end, work one after another, and truly be responsible to history and the people; insist on ensuring and improving people’s livelihood in development, and making up for shortcomings. , strengths and weaknesses, plug loopholes, so that the people can continue to get more good feelings.

There is no end point to protecting and improving people’s livelihood, only a continuous new starting point. In the new era and new journey, the people expect better education, more stable jobs, more satisfactory income, more reliable social security, higher-level medical and health services, more comfortable living conditions, a more beautiful environment, A richer spiritual and cultural life. We always adhere to the people-centered development idea, take the people’s hearts as the heart, take the salty and the unsalted as the same, take the realization, maintenance and development of the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as the starting point and goal of all work, strengthen Only by being aware of the problem, highlighting the orientation of the problem, and not abandoning the trivial matter and working hard for a long time can we use practical actions to make development results benefit all people more and more equitably.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “The Communist Party seeks happiness for the people. Wherever the people feel unhappy, unhappy, or dissatisfied, we will work hard in that area and do everything possible to solve their problems.” Establish and practice a correct view of political performance, By paying close attention to implementation, working hard, overcoming difficulties, and moving forward with courage, we will surely win the hearts and minds of the people, win the future, and turn the beautiful picture of Chinese-style modernization into reality step by step.

“People’s Daily” (Page 04, November 21, 2023)

(Editors: Wei Jia, Qu Yuan)

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