Doctors are already putting pressure on the new Minister of Health

Doctors are already putting pressure on the new Minister of Health


Ana Paula Martins has just taken office as Minister of Health and already has doctors ‘knocking on her door’. The National Federation of Doctors (FNAM) has already sent “a request for an urgent meeting to start the dialogue, which is expected to be more fruitful than the negotiations with the previous minister”, Manuel Pizarro.

In a note sent, the union structure explains that “it will be combined with all measures that have the capacity to retain and attract doctors to the SNS, with fair wages and decent working conditions, in order to reverse the departure of doctors to the private sector and emigration”, warning that “there is no time to waste”. Doctors demand “solutions so that the SNS guarantees family doctors for the entire population, as well as timely consultations and surgeries, instead of vouchers for consultations and surgeries in the private sector”. In other words, they will not support one of the new Government’s slogans of having more private care in assisting the Portuguese.

To “stay doctors in the SNS”, the FNAM prescribes “the replacement of the 35-hour week and 12 hours of weekly work in the emergency service, the resizing of family doctors’ user lists to 1500 users and the replacement of the supplement permanently available for public health”. Furthermore, he wants “an exclusive, optional and duly increased dedication regime for all NHS doctors, replacing the current full dedication regime, implemented by the previous Government and which violates the Constitution and European labor directives”.

The list to be delivered to the Minister of Health also includes “the reintegration of interns into the medical career, the salary increase of all doctors, without exception, the replacement of vacation days taken during the troika’s intervention, as well as the review of health measures. parental protection for doctors.”

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