Domínguez says that the PP will support the changes to divert minors

Domínguez says that the PP will support the changes to divert minors

The vice president of the Government and president of the PP of the Canary Islands, Manuel Domínguez, assume that his political trainingwill support in it Congress the legislative amendments proposals from the archipelago so that the referral of unaccompanied minor migrants be binding among all the autonomous communities.

In this sense, and given the doubts sown by socialist leaders on the position of the popular ones – among them Minister of Territorial Policy, Ángel Víctor Torres– Domínguez pointed out that this same Monday a PNL was approved in the Senate with improvements incorporated by the PP.

“What was missing”, said, is that a legislative initiative was being promoted from the Canary Islands and then there is no support at the state level. “I don’t need to stick out my chest, it’s an unspoken decision.” she added.

Likewise, he appreciated that the president of Aragon (PP) keep up “the word” and the decision of welcome minors derived from the Canary Islands after the vice president of this community, of Vox, will deny it.

Canary Islands proposal

Domínguez made these statements after the government council in which the communication about the legislative amendments raised by the Canary Islands so that the migrant minors be supervised by the State and compulsorily accepted by all autonomies.

The text, which has the contributions from parliamentary groups -except the extreme right-, was sent this Monday to the Chamber, where probably will be debated in the plenary session at the end of the month.

From there, will be sent to the Congress of Deputiesalong with a invitation for the spokespersons visit the juvenile centers on the islands and know first-hand the reality that the archipelago lives, which currently hosts more than 5,500 minors. From them, 902 arrived last January.

The spokesman for the Executive, Alfonso Cabello, highlighted that «The Canary Islands are complying» with the attention to these boys and girls but “can’t wait any longer” -in the words of Domínguez-.

Therefore, he once again claimed the modification of the Civil Code through a decree law, “which is what prevents the State from assuming guardianship and subsequent distribution.” He added that the Government has used this formula 138 times and “if the amnesty law was good for the country, how could it not be” the attention to migrant minors.

Enough of excuses

Therefore, he asked “enough of the excuses” and demanded that they be put “on the table” answers that allow these young people to be served, guaranteeing their rights and offering them an integration project.

He current number of minors which is located in the archipelago “impossible” is welcomed with all guarantee. He also recalled that, although there is “dynamism” in the negotiation with the different communities, agreements have only been closed with four but None of the 347 agreed at the October sector conference has been derived.


In his proposal, in addition to the modification of the Civil Code, which through a decree law is the fastest way, he also proposes other “more burdensome, complex and slow” changes because they refer to organic laws, such as the Immigration Law, the Protection of Minors and the Immigration Decree.

Concern for Senegal

On the other hand, the Government spokesperson and advisor to the Presidency, Alfonso Cabello, highlighted that the Cabinet still does not have detailed information of the cooperation agreement closed between the president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyenon his recent trip to Mauritaniabeyond the aid package of 500 million.

Although he appreciated that the EU “has put its focus” on Mauritania, he highlighted that the Canary Islands continue with “concern” about political and social instability in Senegal after the electoral delay until next December.


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