Dong-Hoon Han “Please look at the lives of me and Won Hee-Ryong. “Please compare our lives with Jaemyung Lee’s.”

Dong-Hoon Han “Please look at the lives of me and Won Hee-Ryong.  “Please compare our lives with Jaemyung Lee’s.”

Korea pledges to win general election in ‘Gyeyang, Incheon’


Han Dong-hoon, chairman of the People Power Party’s Emergency Response Committee, pledged to win the general election on the 23rd in Gyeyang-eul, Incheon, the constituency of Lee Jae-myeong, representative of the Democratic Party of Korea.

Chairman Han of the emergency committee visited Bakchon Station, Gyeyangsan Traditional Market, and Gyesan Station intersection in Gyeyang this afternoon with former Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong, a candidate for the People Power Party, and launched support fire for the ‘Myeongryong Daejeon’.

Chairman Han met with reporters in front of Parkchon Station, put his hand around Candidate Won’s shoulder and said, “Please look at the lives of me and Won Hee-ryong. We are people who have done our best to achieve something.” He added, “Please look at our and Lee Jae-myung’s lives.” “Please compare,” he said.

Chairman Han pledged, “The People Power Party will start from Gyeyang for the April 10 general elections. So we will definitely win,” and added, “We will create wind in Incheon and win throughout the country.”

When asked about the possibility of Gyeyang winning the general election, he said, “Please look around. Don’t you think we will win?” and asked, “Won Hee-ryong and Lee Jae-myung are the right people for the development of Gyeyang in Incheon. Who will be the best for the development of Gyeyang’s fellow citizens?” “The person who can do it is Won Hee-ryong,” he raised his voice.

Candidate Won said, “For 25 years, politicians have only turned Gyeyang into a vegetable garden, but regional development is lagging behind,” targeting Representative Lee Jae-myung, “Some people made empty promises to relocate Gimpo Airport, but the People Power Party will bring about real regional development.” “he said.

He added, “We came to deliver our promise for the residents’ long-awaited project to connect Subway Line 9 from Gimpo Airport to Bakchon Station via Dongyang-dong and Gyeyang New Town,” adding, “We will definitely return the lost 25 years.”

Chairman Han and Candidate Won moved to Gyeyangsan Traditional Market and held a meeting with merchants.

Chairman Han said, “The lives of the common people are always here. I often go to the market, and I think the vitality I feel here is not just the price, but our important culture and asset.” He added, “We are preparing various policies in this area and announcing pledges.” “We are also preparing,” he said.

He continued, “I understand why people visit the market when doing politics. I can fully listen to the words of the people here, and I get a feel for what kind of politics we should pursue.”

He also said, “Traditional markets must develop. Internet commerce is developing, but it is a problem on a different level,” and promised, “As the ruling party, we will prepare a path for further coexistence.”

After the meeting, Chairman Han and Candidate Won visited a snack shop, a porridge restaurant, a twist restaurant, and a butcher shop, where they bought goods and exchanged greetings with the merchants.

Upon hearing the news of Chairman Han’s visit, citizens who visited the market chanted “Han Dong-hoon” and “Won Hee-ryong, fighting”, and merchants also requested Chairman Han to sign autographs and take pictures.

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