Donut Phatthaphon has entered the ordination ceremony.

Donut Phatthaphon has entered the ordination ceremony.

Entering the Saowaphat umbrella today for Donut-Phattharaphon. Detphong Waranon, a young actor on Channel 7HD, entered the ordination ceremony in his hometown at Hang Dong Temple, Chiang Mai Province, earning the nickname Kittisampanno, meaning one who arrives with honor.

The atmosphere in the morning included a hair cutting ceremony, then a crystal ball dressing ceremony and a crystal ball procession. which is a Lanna style ceremony by procession from their homes to Hang Dong Temple Dressed in Lanna style clothing, they are paraded on horses according to the style of ordination in the northern region. To attend the Hong Kwan Ceremony (called Kwan) and enter the church to attend the ordination ceremony and ordination amidst the joy of family, relatives, and close friends outside the circle. Including friends and actors who came together warmly. They also joined in the lively and fun procession, including Cartoon Natcha, Biew Natthaphon, Boss Nawapaiboon and Bow Melada.

Donut gave an interview before entering the ordination ceremony saying, “It has been my intention for a long time to become a monk. Because before this there was no free time. Including still busy with work Now that everything has been cleared up, it’s time to do as we intended. This ordination is an ordination in place of the father and mother. My feelings at first were not exciting, but today I’m starting to get excited that today we actually entered the ordination ceremony. As for the attire seen today. It is 100% northern ceremonial dress.

Today I feel reassured that I have friends in the industry, including brothers and sisters I know in Bangkok. A lot of people came to work. As for my plans after ordination, right now I don’t have any plans. Or is it an auspicious time? I intend to complete the ordination 1 month ago and then look at the auspicious time again. and after being worn It will be a mission to continue entering the military.

Channel 7HD fans don’t have to worry. Because after this There will be two more dramas of mine: Rak Rai Spy and Lek Rai Game Deception. I want to thank all the fans for their comments. Join in celebrating the merit this time. Including people who have made merit with me. I wish that this merit that I intended Please return it to everyone.”


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