Dos Bocas awarded once again without bidding

Dos Bocas awarded once again without bidding

Mexico City.- The federal government seems determined not to tender any contract for the Dos Bocas refinery.

Now Pemex Corporativo directly awarded on January 29 to a construction company from the State of Mexico the contract of 914 million pesos for the subdivision and urbanization works of the commercial and housing area of ​​the refinery.

Last August, the construction company of the Morenista militant Moisés Araf Hop, obtained the contract of 100 million pesos for the executive project of this work, also without a public tender involved.

High Technology Urbanizations, a firm from Metepec, State of Mexico, will now be in charge of the next phase of the project, for which a five-month deadline was established.

The works of this new phase include subdivision, electrical, rainwater and hydraulic installations, irrigation system, gates, foundations, wastewater treatment plant, closed circuit, among others.

However, the construction of housing for 1,200 workers, shops, a hotel and visitor houses planned for in the project has not yet been contemplated.

These contracts are the only ones in Dos Bocas that have been in charge of the central area of ​​Petróleos Mexicanos, since all the work has been controlled by two of its private subsidiaries, which do not publish any of their acquisition processes or financial statements, despite the fact that All the money they are operating with comes from the Federation Expenditure Budget.

An investigation by Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) last October revealed that Leonardo Cornejo Serrano, who during Enrique Peña’s administration provided Odebrecht with works negotiated with bribes in Mexico, is the one who has signed in the current federal government 99 of every 100 contracts awarded at the Dos Bocas refinery, all with opacity.

In 99 percent of the 201 contracts awarded directly and that Pemex made public, the amounts paid to contractors were censored and all are signed by Cornejo as deputy director of Projects in the Pemex Industrial Transformation division.


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