Double bonus: This is the proposal for workers to receive MORE money in December | News from Mexico

Double bonus: This is the proposal for workers to receive MORE money in December |  News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- The coordinator of the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies, Rubén Moreira, presented an initiative that seeks to double the days of bonuses for workers.

The proposal, also signed by deputies Tereso Medina and Óscar Gustavo Cárdenas, of the tricolor, modifies article 93 of the Income Tax Law and 87 of the Federal Labor Law.

Doubled bonus from 15 to 30 days

Legislators propose increasing bonus days from 15 to 30 that workers must receive, as currently established by legislation, before December 20.

Workers will have the right to an annual bonus that must be paid before December 20, equivalent to at least 30 days of minimum wage,” he points out.

The proposal also raises the amount of employee bonuses which will be exempt from ISR.

(Income Tax will not be paid on) the bonuses received by workers from their employers, during the calendar year, up to the equivalent of four times the general minimum wage of the worker’s geographical area raised to 30 days, when said bonuses are granted in a general way,” he says.

What is the DOUBLE Bonus proposal like?

According to the explanatory statement, the reform seeks to standardize the Federal Labor Law with the Income Tax Law, to establish that the bonus is the equivalent of thirty days of salaryas indicated in the tax legislation.

With a proposal to double the bonus, workers will go from receiving the equivalent of 15 days to 30.

This, he adds, with the goal of positively impacting the purchasing power of the working class.

According to the proposal, These modifications will not only improve the working conditions of workers and the quality of life of their families, but will translate will benefit the domestic marketby having a workforce with the possibility of a greater income during the holidays and vacations.

This initiative aims to help improve the annual benefit such as the bonus, a historic achievement of the working class, and thereby support the economy and the quality of life of Mexican families,” he indicates.

Data about work in Mexico

According to the proposal, in Mexico there are currently 60.2 million people who are part of the economically active population.

In the second quarter of 2023, the average real labor income of the employed population nationwide was 6 thousand 875.72 pesos per month.

By sex, employed men reported a real monthly labor income of 7 thousand 528.17 pesos and the women of 5 thousand 935.87 real pesos.

The proposal adds that the 77.6 percent of the employed population receives between one and three minimum wagesin a context where the per capita income of Mexican men and women is 0.3 percent below the income they had in 2018.

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