Dozens of Trucks Involved in Election Logistics Distribution in Jembrana

Dozens of Trucks Involved in Election Logistics Distribution in Jembrana

The trucks that will be used for election logistics distribution are checked for readiness at the Kresna Jvara GOR, Monday (12/2). (BP/Special)

NEGARA, – A total of 45 trucks will distribute logistics for the 2024 Election to 51 villages/sub-districts in Jembrana.

Before departure, checks are carried out to ensure that logistics distribution for the election runs smoothly to the destination. Apart from the Jembrana KPU, the inspection also involved the Police and Transportation Department to check the suitability of the logistics distribution transportation equipment.

Chairman of the Jembrana General Election Commission (KPU), I Ketut Adi Sanjaya, Monday (12/2), said this check was part of the KPU’s efforts to ensure that every voter can obtain their voting rights smoothly and fairly. “This is one of our proactive steps to ensure that the election logistics distribution process takes place safely. “Ensure the truck is in a roadworthy and safe position,” said Adi Sanjaya.

So that logistics, including ballot papers and other equipment, are distributed properly and on time. Efforts to anticipate rainy weather are also prepared, such as preparing a tarpaulin to cover the truck bed during the journey.

According to him, the inspection includes verification of shipping documents and vehicle condition. The plan is that on Tuesday (13/2) all logistics will be distributed. Each truck will also be given a special escort. Adi Sanjaya hopes that the general election process in Jembrana Regency can run smoothly, safely and peacefully. (Surya Dharma/balipost)


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