Dozens of Water Satpol personnel are closely monitoring the distribution of election logistics to Nusa Penida

Dozens of Water Satpol personnel are closely monitoring the distribution of election logistics to Nusa Penida

SEMARAPURA, – All election logistics needs for the Nusa Penida archipelago, Klungkung, were distributed on Sunday (11/2).

Logistics transportation to Nusa Penida is the only one that is escorted by ships and dozens of Klungkung Police Water Units because it passes through the waters.

From mainland Klungkung, election logistics were transported using eleven trucks, of which nine trucks went via Padangbai Karangasem Port to Nusa Penida by Roro Ship and two trucks to The Angkal Kusamba Port to Nusa Lembongan by Cargo Boat.

This logistics distribution process also received strict supervision from the TNI/Polri.

Chairman of the Klungkung I KPU, Ketut Sudiana, said that the distribution process had been carried out since morning from the Logistics Warehouse at GOR Swecapura.

The weather situation is quite supportive of this logistics distribution process, where the waves appear to be sloping, so that the distribution process can run smoothly.

He emphasized that a total of around 990 ballot boxes, 792 voting booths and 198 logistics outside ballot boxes were sent to Nusa Penida Island, in accordance with the number of polling stations in the island region of 198 polling stations.

Klungkung Police Chief AKBP Umar, added that before escorting logistics to Nusa Lembongan, election logistics were first carried out by loading and unloading at The Angkal Harbor, Kampung Kusamba Village.

Because access to Nusa Lembongan requires boat cargo. They carry out loading and unloading first, then when it is complete, they will leave for Lembongan.

The police also carried out escorts in the middle of the waters using boats from the Klungkung Police Water Unit.

After arriving in Nusa Lembongan, the logistics were distributed at the Perbekel Office and security was carried out by Klungkung Police personnel who carried out security at the TPS.

On the other hand, for escort to Nusa Gede, the Deputy Chief of Klungkung Police, Commissioner I Komang Sura Maryantika, was directly led. After holding a readiness rally at Mentigi Port, all personnel were then shifted to each TPS to secure logistics distribution.

When election logistics shifted from the KPU warehouse, security personnel had already escorted the PPK. Furthermore, the shift from PPK to TPS was also monitored.

Previously, dozens of witnesses from Political Parties throughout the Nusa Penida District were also prepared to face the 2024 Election Vote Voting and Counting, through training held by the Nusa Penida Panwaslucam at the Nusa Penida District Head’s Office.

This aims to minimize vote manipulation and prevent fraud.

Chairperson of Klungkung Regency Bawaslu I Komang Supardika said that political party witnesses are Bawaslu’s partners in carrying out supervision. His party appealed to anyone who finds violations during tungsura to immediately report them to Bawaslu officials. (bagiarta/balipost)


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