Due to heavy rain Civil Protection warns of possible flooding and landslides

Due to heavy rain Civil Protection warns of possible flooding and landslides

This Wednesday, the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), released a warning to the population, which indicates that the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) predicts, for the next 48 hours, precipitation, sometimes heavy , wind and snowfall.

ANEPC also reviewed the situation of the river basins, citing hydrological information made available by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), indicating that an increase in flows could occur in the Douro River Basin, without critical situations.

Also in the Vouga river basin there may be an increase in inflows in Ribeiradio and Águeda, but, once again, without a critical situation. The Mondego river basin could also increase inflows into the Aguieira-Fronhas-Raiva and Coimbra system.

Civil Protection states, in the statement, that these episodes of intense precipitation, strong wind and snowfall, can lead to the occurrence of floods in urban areas, the occurrence of floods, landslides or collapses, slippery road surfaces due to the possible formation of water tables or the accumulation of ice and snow, and the dragging of loose objects onto the roads.

According to ANEPC, it highlights that “thermal discomfort may occur in the population due to the combination of low minimum temperature and wind”.

Civil Protection asks the population to adopt appropriate behavior, particularly in historically more vulnerable areas, recommending the unblocking of rainwater drainage systems and the removal of objects that could be dragged, adequate fixing of loose structures, namely, scaffolding, signs and other suspended structures, and pay special attention to the possibility of falling branches and trees.


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