During Tet, about 50% of admissions to the country’s largest surgical hospital are related to alcohol

During Tet, about 50% of admissions to the country’s largest surgical hospital are related to alcohol

TPO – As of the morning of February 13, after 4 days of Lunar New Year, Viet Duc Hospital has received about 500 emergency cases, including 120 cases of accidents and suspected traffic accidents. Notably, half of hospitalized patients are alcohol-related.

Compared to last year’s Tet, the number of emergency patients decreased slightly, mainly due to traffic accidents, traffic accidents, daily life accidents, and firecrackers. It is worth mentioning that among emergency cases related to traffic accidents, suspected to be caused by traffic accidents, up to half of the cases are related to alcohol.

Especially on February 13, the hospital received a young man with multiple injuries from a traffic accident. Test results showed very high blood alcohol concentration.

The patient’s family said that on the evening of the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year (February 12), the patient attended a class meeting and drank alcohol, then rode his motorbike home and fell at midnight. After receiving initial emergency care at a lower level, the patient was transferred to the emergency room at Viet Duc Hospital.

Dr. Bui Thanh Phuc – Deputy Head of the Department of Emergency Abdominal Surgery (Viet Duc Hospital) said that the patient was admitted to the hospital in a coma, suffering from shock with multiple injuries: traumatic brain injury, chest injury, 2 broken arms… Currently sick The patient is in critical condition, doctors are trying to provide emergency care to see how the patient responds to treatment, but the prognosis is very serious.

Doctor Phuc said: “Monitoring patients who use alcohol is much more difficult than patients who do not have high blood alcohol levels or do not drink alcohol, because when hospitalized, patients drink alcohol very much. like, perception is not as alert as usual. Therefore, we must monitor the patient for at least 1-2 days after the alcohol attack to accurately determine brain damage. Especially in cases of traumatic brain injury, the assessment of the Glasgow coma scale is difficult to be accurate, treatment depends on the results of imaging diagnosis.

Doctors warn that drinking too much alcohol will leave unpredictable consequences such as liver-related diseases, mental-behavioral disorders, nervous system degeneration, poisoning, stomach disease, and cardiovascular disease. …

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