During the four days of Tet, Dak Lak recorded over 200 people in traffic accidents

During the four days of Tet, Dak Lak recorded over 200 people in traffic accidents

TPO – Although the authorities have propagated, warned, and even imposed sanctions to ensure safety during Tet, in Dak Lak, there are still many cases of traffic accidents related to alcohol. , beer.

On February 12 (the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year), Central Highlands General Hospital said that from February 9 until now, it has received and treated 92 cases of traffic accidents. Particularly on the 30th day of the lunar calendar (February 9), there were 2 cases of serious illness and their families asked them to return home.

The hospital said that there are still traffic accidents related to alcohol and beer use. Many cases were taken to the emergency hospital with multiple injuries, broken legs, broken arms, and even traumatic brain injuries. Doctors at the hospital have focused all resources to provide emergency care and treatment to the victims.

Central Highlands General Hospital receives patients from traffic accidents

According to statistics from the Dak Lak Department of Health, from February 8-11, the whole province recorded 203 cases of traffic accidents, causing 5 deaths.

It is known that in recent days, the traffic police force of Buon Ma Thuot City (Dak Lak) has organized patrols, controlled and handled alcohol concentration violations on the city’s roads. This is the task of the traffic police force to carry out prevention and propaganda work to the people, reduce traffic accidents and handle violations, especially during the Lunar New Year.

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