Dutch Turkish MP Kuzu: You will be held accountable, Netanyahu

Dutch Turkish MP Kuzu: You will be held accountable, Netanyahu

Turkish MP Kuzu, who is preparing to say goodbye to active politics, evaluated Israel’s attacks in Gaza, as well as his party’s struggle and the general elections to be held on November 22, to the AA correspondent.

Emphasizing that Netanyahu should be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Kuzu said, “The only thing the oppressors deserve is to be punished. Netanyahu will be held accountable for this sooner or later. You will be held accountable, Netanyahu, for murdering thousands of babies.” he said.

Kuzu said, “Unfortunately, many countries in Europe are doing their best to curry favor with the Israeli government and turning a blind eye to the injustice, discrimination, oppression and massacre committed there. So what, sir, Israel has the right to defend itself. The voters living in the Netherlands, the voters in Gaza “He sees the events, the attitude of the Dutch government and how unfair it is. Because he sees this, he must definitely participate in the general elections.” he said.


Stating that a sensible society should make its voice heard through demonstrations and marches and that one of the most important tools for this is politics, Kuzu said, “If we want to make our voices heard, we need to go to the polls and vote to stop the oppression there (Gaza) and to try to change the attitude of the Dutch government.” said.

Recalling that he did not shake Netanyahu’s hand during his visit to the Netherlands in 2015 and that he was detained during his visit to Jerusalem in 2019, Kuzu said:

“I stood in front of him there and after I told him that I did not give my hand to the baby killers, he felt uncomfortable. We like this, of course he should feel uncomfortable in such a situation. They told me at that time, ‘You did something that no Arab leader has done’. Our aim is already there.” “It was to make the voice of the society heard, to stand with the oppressed and against the oppressor. I am proud of what I did at the time. If I were in the same situation tomorrow, I would do the same again.”

Stating that they wanted to visit Jerusalem in 2019 and see the injustice done there with their own eyes, and that the situation was much worse than what they read or saw on television, Kuzu said, “The discrimination and double standards there seem so obvious that we decided to fight against it.” We wanted to walk to the Masjid al-Aqsa with a Palestinian flag as a symbol. They detained us while we were being checked there. If we were not Dutch citizens or had diplomatic status, they would have put us in jail. If we did not do it, they would not stop tormenting us. Muslims and Christians currently living in Palestine are suffering daily “This is really what he is going through. The international community should no longer close its eyes to this and oppose it.” he said.

Pointing out that some political parties in the Dutch Parliament support the YPG/PKK terrorist organization and cooperate with them, Kuzu stated that they have managed to change the attitude of some parties on this issue and that the parties have distanced themselves from the terrorist organization by constantly arguing that YPG/PKK is a terrorist organization in different sessions on the subject in the last 7 years. brought.


Kuzu emphasized that many things changed in the Netherlands after the Equal Party entered the parliament in 2017 and continued as follows:

“During the days when discrimination, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment increased in the Netherlands, the society here needed a political voice. This was the main founding purpose of the Denk Party. Especially our attitude in foreign policies became one of the prominent policies of the Denk Party. In addition, “The biggest problem of people living in the Netherlands is discrimination and racism.”

Kuzu pointed out that according to the polls, the party of Geert Wilders, who is an enemy of foreigners, Muslims and Islam, is in the lead, and that Wilders’ party is currently working to establish a coalition with Dilan Yeşilgöz’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), and said, “In the 2010-2012 periods, “It really took years to clean up his xenophobic policies. We cannot tolerate this again.” said.


Underlining that the participation of people of foreign origin in the elections is very low, Kuzu said, “Therefore, we have a really big loss. Every vote that is not cast plays into the hands of xenophobic, racist and Islamophobic parties. That is why we, as the minority and Muslim community living here, need to cast our votes.” he said.

Kuzu stated that he would not be a candidate in the general elections and would say goodbye to the active politics he had been doing for 15 years, and said:

“We founded the Denk Party and brought it to a certain place. Innovation is required over time. Currently, our leader Stephan van Baarle is fighting like a lion. Baarle and Doğukan Ergin are two of my students that I am proud of since the first years of the party. They will really take the Denk Party to a higher level. “Of course, I am not leaving politics. I will always continue to actively contribute to the Denk Party.”


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