Early retirement. The expert revealed which jobs you can retire from early | Personal money | Money

Early retirement.  The expert revealed which jobs you can retire from early |  Personal money |  Money

Early pension is when citizens begin to receive old-age payments before retirement age, but do not confuse early retirement and long-service pension, said aif.ru Associate Professor, Department of International Business, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Roman Danilov. He recalled that the retirement age in 2024 is 63 for men and 58 for women.

“Government civil servants, military personnel, astronaut pilots, and test pilots can receive a long-service pension. And the categories of the population that have the right to early retirement are defined in Federal Law dated December 28, 2013 N 400-FZ “On Insurance Pensions” in Article 30 “Reservation of the right to early assignment of an insurance pension,” Danilov explained.

The expert clarified that the following criteria for early retirement can be identified: type of professional activity, length of service in this industry and total insurance experience. These factors will be key when entering early retirement. Men and women who worked in difficult working conditions – in underground work, in work with hazardous working conditions and in hot shops – have the right to early retirement. Also workers of locomotive crews who organize transportation and ensure traffic safety on railway transport and the metro.

In addition, those who worked in field geological exploration, prospecting, topographic-geodetic, geophysical, hydrographic, hydrological, forest management and survey work, logging and rafting can retire earlier. Also, those who worked as part of civil aviation, as machine operators (docker-mechanizers) of complex teams during loading and unloading operations in ports, on ships of the sea, river fleet and fishing industry fleet, as drivers of buses, trolleybuses, trams on regular city ​​passenger routes.

“Also, men and women who worked as rescuers in professional emergency services and fire services can retire early. Workers of the penitentiary system, as well as teachers, doctors, theater workers. Separately, it is worth noting the categories when only women have the right to early retirement. This is possible if she has at least 20 years of experience in the textile industry in work with increased intensity and severity, as a tractor driver in agriculture, a driver of construction, road and loading and unloading machines for at least 15 years and has insurance experience at least 20 years,” Danilov said.

The expert recalled that mothers with many children are also entitled to early retirement: at 57 years old, having given birth to three children, at 56 – four. In addition, citizens with disabilities, parents or guardians of a child with disabilities (at 55 years old – the father, at 50 years old the mother, but subject to an insurance period of 20 and 15 years, respectively).

Expert Nikolay Novik explained the reasons for which pension payments in Russia may be terminated or suspended. In particular, this will happen if the pension institution receives information about the death of a pensioner, facts of receiving payments based on fictitious information are discovered, or incorrect data is established when applying for a pension. Suspension is possible if the insured person loses the right to a pension, as well as due to the lack of necessary documents or incorrectly completed applications. However, according to Novik, if payments are terminated or suspended, citizens have the opportunity to appeal the decision.


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