“Eight can be cut down every year.” Here is the first yes to the new anti-bear bill

“Eight can be cut down every year.”  Here is the first yes to the new anti-bear bill

Eight bears can be killed per year. This is what is established by the councilor’s bill Roberto Failoni, of the autonomous province of Trento, approved at the end of two sessions dedicated to the topic of the council commission. The discussion – or the next step – will begin on Monday 4 March.

The weak no from the opposition

“Our opinion is unanimous” commented the president of the Council of Autonomies for everyone Paris Gianmoena. But that’s not really the case. Net of the abstention of Michela Calzà (Pd) and of Roberto Stanchina (Campobase) Lucia Coppola (Green and Left Alliance) opposed the decision with a firm no. Green light for the culling of dangerous plantigrades also by the Order of Agronomists and Foresters, represented in the commission by the president Claudio Maurina, That However, he returned to the topic of anti-bear spray, urging action that would lead to its more widespread use.

The approval of entrepreneurs

Failoni’s bill also has the approval of the Entrepreneurs Coordination. “Courageous actions have been called for for years,” said the president Mauro Paissan — and therefore the entrepreneurs are alongside the council”. Full support of the Coordination also for the decision of the President of the Province Maurizio Fugatti to shoot down the M90 ​​bear. In first place, the president continued, there is “security, which is sometimes put at risk, just as tourism is put at risk”. The president of the Artisans Association Marco Segatta is of the same opinion: “Biodiversity must be defended, but first of all there is the safety of people”.


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