Elena Cecchettin: “My sister Giulia was exhausted, she told her friends that Filippo scared her”

Elena Cecchettin: “My sister Giulia was exhausted, she told her friends that Filippo scared her”

“I saw Giulia increasingly exhausted and worn out. I would like to disappear, and I would like him to disappear, she told me once. I think she was reaching her limit, that she couldn’t take it anymore.” Elena Cecchettin she is the sister of Giuliathe 22 year old girl killed by Filippo Turettathe peer with whom she was having a relationship.

“But no, it wasn’t a love relationship” underlines Elena, who on Dritto e Rovescio on Rete4 also recounted an episode reported to her by some friends after the girl’s death: “A couple of weeks ago she told her friends that his gestures and words scared her. However, when they asked her to explain herself better, she downplayed it. As always, she tended to defend him.”

Elena and Giulia in a photo on social media

He repeated that he felt bad because he knew that in this way he would keep her close to him: “It was a topic that resonated with her” confirms Elena, who denied having noticed a worsening of the situation recently. “He bored her as she always had.”

Elena somehow foresaw what would happen. “My greatest fear has always been not knowing anything about her anymore: where she was, what was happening to her. When my father called me on Sunday asking if I had any news from Giulia, who had gone out with Filippo, I immediately thought the worst. Having the confirmation then was doubly painful.”

Then Elena added, speaking to journalists: “Filippo decided to end my sister’s life and he had no right to do so, but he not only broke his but also mine and that of my family”. “I wake up every morning – adds Giulia’s sister – and it makes me cry to think that my sister isn’t in the room next to mine and this morning I imagined her saying ‘go Ele, break everything’ because she supported me in everything ” he says, his voice breaking with emotion. “He didn’t have the right, he didn’t have the right, he’s nobody to have this power and he shouldn’t have taken it,” she concludes.


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