Eliza Samudio’s son signs contract with Athletico-PR – 02/23/2024 – Did you see?

Eliza Samudio’s son signs contract with Athletico-PR – 02/23/2024 – Did you see?

São Paulo

Having recently turned 14, player Bruninho Samudio signed his first contract with Athletico Paranaense last Thursday (22).

His mother, Eliza Samudio, victim of femicide in 2010, would have turned 39 years old on that date. Bruninho has been playing for the club since last year, as a goalkeeper.

The news was celebrated on social media by grandmother, Sonia de Fátima Moura, Bruninho’s tutor. Widowed two years ago, she moved with her grandson from Campo Grande (MS) to Paraná, to accompany the young man in his football career.

On her social networks, Sonia paid homage to her daughter’s memory and said that Bruninho has the “same sparkle in his eyes.”

“The memory of the day of your arrival makes me smile even in tears. There is an open wound in my heart. You are gone. I want to believe that all your scars, pain and suffering from your cruel and brutal departure do not belong to you today more. I have with me the best part of you, where I see the same sparkle in your eyes, the same joy, the same determination, the same strength, the same light, Bruninho, your son, is your living essence”, wrote Sonia.

Goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes was sentenced in 2013 to 22 years in prison for the murder, concealment of a corpse, kidnapping and false imprisonment of Eliza Samudio. In 2019, he progressed to the semi-open regime and in January 2023, he was released on parole. Last year, Bruno’s defense questioned Bruninho’s paternity and requested a DNA test, after he stopped paying child support for the boy. The food lawsuit is still pending in court.


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