Emin Bayram: We are the children of this country

Emin Bayram: We are the children of this country

Stating that they are continuing to improve, Levent Sürme said, “The most important thing for us is to improve. If we had played a bad game today and won, we would have been really upset. The opponent pushed us a lot, especially in terms of athleticism, but I think we responded well. I can say that we have taken a step forward in terms of development.” ” said.


Stating that they had a young squad and that they were happy about it, Sürme said, “We also saw the match we played against Germany at the weekend. There were also players there who could play in this team and they performed successfully. “This gives us hope,” he said.


Stating that they did not look at the scoreboard but prepared from match to match, Sürme said: “I did not look at the scoreboard. We focus on match by match before the table, after playing the last match we will see what happens. We go out to win every match, even if it is a friendly match, we want to win. We will focus on winning whether we are in a good or bad situation in the group. “I want the spirit of winning in the team, no matter what.”


National player Emin Bayram said, “We got the reward of the match, I congratulate my teammates. Everyone fought very well on the field and we did everything we had to do. As I said in the previous match, we expect support from our people, thank you for coming and supporting us today. We are the children of this country and we need people’s support, thank you very much for their support today. “I congratulate my friends again,” he said.

Emin Bayram concluded his speech with the following words: “The target does not end, Turks have a nice saying; ‘It’s not over until we say it’s over.’ “We will strive for this and we want to defeat all our opponents.”


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