Enhance the spread and influence of Chinese civilization (thoughts vertically and horizontally)

Enhance the spread and influence of Chinese civilization (thoughts vertically and horizontally)

The National Conference on Propaganda, Ideology and Culture proposed: “Strengthen and improve external publicity work and enhance the communication and influence of Chinese civilization.” Chinese civilization is extensive, profound and has a long history. It has achieved brilliant development achievements in pioneering and reforming the past. Enhancing the dissemination and influence of Chinese civilization is of great and far-reaching significance for improving my country’s cultural soft power, creating a good external environment for my country’s development, enriching the world’s cultural gardens, and promoting the progress of human civilization.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “China’s excellent traditional culture is the crystallization and essence of the wisdom of Chinese civilization and the root and soul of the Chinese nation.” Only by understanding ancient China can we understand today’s China’s choice of path and system, and understand where China is headed. Today, China’s excellent traditional culture has received more and more attention, and Chinese civilization has demonstrated its timeless charm and style. China’s excellent traditional culture provides us with sufficient confidence to strengthen our cultural confidence in the global cultural surge, and also provides us with valuable resources to present a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China. We must base ourselves on the land of China, refine and display the spiritual symbols and cultural essence of Chinese civilization, tell the story of Chinese civilization well, explain clearly what kind of civilization and country China is, and explain clearly the Chinese people’s worldview, worldview, social outlook, The moral concept shows the long history and humanistic heritage of Chinese civilization, allowing the world to see China from the perspective of more than 5,000 years of civilization history and truly understand China’s past, present and future.

Chinese civilization is both historical and modern. Our party insists on integrating the basic principles of Marxism with China’s specific reality and with China’s excellent traditional culture, unites and leads the people to pioneer and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics based on a profound civilization of more than 5,000 years, successfully embarks on the path of Chinese-style modernization, and empowers China Civilization with modern power. Contemporary China is undergoing the most ambitious and unique practical innovation in human history. Miracles of development and magnificent innovations and creations rarely seen in the world have provided rich materials to demonstrate the vitality and vitality of Chinese civilization. We must take the initiative to tell the story of the Chinese Communist Party’s governance, the Chinese people’s struggle to realize their dreams, and China’s insistence on peaceful development and win-win cooperation, so as to help foreign people understand why the Chinese Communist Party is able, why Marxism works, and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good. Relying on the vivid practice of China’s development, it comprehensively expounds China’s concepts of development, civilization, security, human rights, ecology, international order and global governance, embodies the Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese strength, and profoundly explains China’s Development is the growth of world peace forces and a common opportunity for all countries.

To enhance the communication and influence of Chinese civilization, we must work hard to accelerate the construction of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative system. Concepts are the cornerstone of constructing a discourse system. In the new era, our country has proposed a series of major concepts such as building a community with a shared future for mankind and common values ​​for all mankind, which have aroused widespread resonance and built broad consensus in the international community, and have become a symbol for the world to understand China. It is necessary to use Chinese theory to explain Chinese practice, use Chinese practice to sublimate Chinese theory, create new concepts, new categories, and new expressions that integrate China and foreign countries, and more fully and clearly demonstrate the Chinese story and the ideological and spiritual power behind it. Innovate the way of discourse expression, grasp the habits and characteristics of different foreign audiences, combine what we want to say with what foreign audiences want to hear, promote the global expression, regional expression, and differentiated expression of Chinese stories and Chinese voices, and put “our own Combining “speaking” and “others speaking” to find the entry point of empathy and enhance the persuasiveness and appeal of external discourse.

Exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations with an open and inclusive mind is an important way to enhance the spread and influence of Chinese civilization. We must adhere to the civilizational concepts of equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and tolerance, carry out in-depth various forms of cultural exchange activities, promote cultural exchanges and people-to-people bonds between my country and other countries through various channels, and promote Chinese culture to the world. Give better play to the role of high-level experts and use platforms and channels such as important international conferences and forums and foreign mainstream media to speak out. Give full play to the role of research institutions, schools, enterprises, social organizations, etc. in promoting cultural exchanges, and mobilize all parties to play symphonies and choruses. Use new media and new technologies to innovate the channels and forms of civilized exchanges and dialogues, improve communication efficiency, and present a rich and colorful image of China in a more vivid and three-dimensional way.

“People’s Daily” (Page 10, December 07, 2023)

(Editors: Zhao Xinyue, Yuan Bo)

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