“Evacuate the Phlegraean Fields”. It-Alert arrives, the emergency alarm system is operational from today

“Evacuate the Phlegraean Fields”.  It-Alert arrives, the emergency alarm system is operational from today

IT-alert, the public alert system for direct information to the population, comes into operation. From today, 13 February, the IT-alert system will be operational exclusively in the event of serious emergencies or imminent or ongoing catastrophes relating to the collapse of a large dam, major accidents in industrial plants, nuclear accidents or radiological emergency situations, volcanic activity in areas of the Campi Flegrei, Vesuvius and the island of Vulcano.

Message for risk areas

The IT-alert message, once transmitted, is received by anyone who is in the area affected by the emergency and has a mobile phone switched on and connected to the cell phones. Receiving an IT-alert alarm message relating to one of these scenarios therefore indicates that you are in a situation of potential danger with respect to an imminent or already ongoing emergency and what are the first actions to take to minimize your exposure to danger, such as staying indoors or moving away from waterways or evacuating the area, for example.

Inform to save lives

“Promptly informing the population in the event of a potentially dangerous situation is fundamental – declared the Head of the Civil Protection Department – and, thanks to IT-alert, the Civil Protection now has an additional tool to quickly reach citizens. Let us remember, however, that in an emergency it is equally crucial to know what to do and what not to do, that is, in short, to be prepared if you receive an alarm notification. This is why it is always useful to inform yourself immediately about good civil protection practices, because they are prevention and correct behaviors that save lives”.

Not operational due to tsunami

To date, the IT-alert system is not yet operational for all the scenarios envisaged by the legislation. For the risk scenarios relating to intense rainfall, tsunami generated by an earthquake and volcanic activity on Stromboli, it was necessary, in fact, to carry out additional analyzes and checks which required the extension of the testing phase for another year. To optimize the operation of the system, periodic “test” messages are sent, both for the risks for which IT-alert is operational and for those still in the testing phase.

The word “test”

Anyone who receives an IT-alert message that begins with the word “TEST” therefore has nothing to fear: these are simply checks on the functionality of the system, with the dual function of ensuring its correct functioning in the event of a real emergency and, at the same time, to keep high attention on the possible risks in the area and increase the awareness of each of us.


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