Everything ready for the start of Christmas in the capital of Gran Canaria

Everything ready for the start of Christmas in the capital of Gran Canaria

Barbara White

The Gran Canarian palms

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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The municipality of Agüimes has decided to take the lead in the Christmas festivities and on Saturday, November 18, it welcome to christmas with a lighting full of lights and spectacle.

Gáldar seems to be the second in line to announce the start of Christmas. The municipality will kick off the festival with the traditional lighting of the streets of the historic center this Saturday at 6:00 p.m., with powerful illumination of the hull from Capitán Quesada Street. Streets, highways, roundabouts, squares, coasts… All meeting points will open their doors to Christmas in a lighting that will feature presentation of the Christmas holiday programin which great news will be announced but which will at the same time maintain the successful ice rink, the markets and the Flower Week.

For its part, the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria still has not revealed the details of its traditional lighting in Plaza Santa Ana. It has the habit of approaching the date of Black Friday, which is this same Friday. The City Council remains absolutely silent, but they have told this newspaper that very soon they will reveal everything related to the event that fills the capital city with magic and tradition.

Shopping centers are already at Christmas

The capital’s shopping centers have celebrated their entry into the holidays in the best way: with more partying.

Here are the first lights on in the capital

Las Arenas Shopping Center

The curtain of water that flooded Las Arenas

The Plaza de la Fuente was dyed blue on a night when, in addition to Christmas, the 30 years in operation of the Las Arenas Shopping Center were celebrated. After the lighting of the four-story tree, crowned with its traditional star, a curtain of water from the fountain was projected in the same square with the name of Las Arenas, which was the surprise of the night.

The preview of the Christmas Lighting

El Muelle Shopping Center

The preview of the Christmas Lighting

Soccer lovers and those fans of Christmas celebrations were lucky enough to bring both hobbies together at El Muelle. The former Argentine soccer players, Daniel Carnevali and El Turu, together with Kirian Rodríguez, current UD Las Palmas player, were in charge of a ”very special” program on UD Radio. At the end, the lights that give the shopping center its Christmas color were turned on.

The magic show

Los Alisios Shopping Center

The magic show

The emergence of the Grinch, known for his constant attempt to steal Christmas, was a surprise for those attending the Alisios Christmas lighting. The presenter Yanely Hernández, instead of giving in to the threat, called on the audience to join in a dance that brought out the Christmas spirit even in the Grinch himself. Santa Claus was the icing on the cake of the night, who brought the snow with him and in this way, began the Christmas season in the Alisios.

An afternoon with surprise

La Ballena Shopping Center

An afternoon with surprise

Magic also took over La Ballena last Saturday, a place where the center’s 30th anniversary Gala was also celebrated in an afternoon of prizes and raffles for attendees.

The Nativity Scene and Santa Claus

Las Canteras beach will soon be the scene of the 18th edition of the most unique artistic work of Christmas: the Sand Nativity Scene. This year, it coincides with the Post Office’s issuance of 700,000 copies of a commemorative stamp of the nativity scene, which will be officially presented on the 28th of this month at the Casa de Colón, at 11:00 am.

While Las Palmas de Gran Canaria awaits the end of the sand movements that build the Nativity Scene, the boys and girls of the island can prepare their letter to Santa Claus. He will arrive on December 1 accompanied by his elves to the Los Alisios shopping center and during the first eleven days of December he will have his house established – in the center of a magical forest – in the shopping center.


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