EXAT urgently completes ‘Rama 3-Dao Khanong’, progressing to 75%, opening in mid-2025.

EXAT urgently completes ‘Rama 3-Dao Khanong’, progressing to 75%, opening in mid-2025.

EXAT updates the construction of the Rama 3-Dao Khanong Expressway, progress is 75%, expected to be completed and ready to open for service along the entire line in mid-2025, surveying the strength of the Rama 9 Bridge before evaluating maintenance. After more than 35 years of operation, the budget is expected to be 1 billion. An urgent auction will be held for Chatuchot – Lam Luk Ka, 18 billion baht, this April.

February 13, 2024 – Mr. Surachet Laophunsuk, Governor of the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT), revealed the progress of the expressway (expressway) project, Rama 3-Dao Khanong-Outer Ring Road, Western Bangkok, distance 18.7. Kilometers (km) with a budget of 30,437 million baht that currently the said project Overall progress is 75%, expected to be completed and ready to open for service in the middle of 2025, while the parallel bridge, Rama 9 Bridge, is expected to be open for the public to use for free by July 2024. Meanwhile, during EXAT will conduct a survey. and assess the strength of the Rama 9 Bridge, which has been in operation for more than 35 years, to consider maintenance according to safety standards. However, initially, the budget for maintenance will be approximately 1,000 million baht. It is expected that a conclusion will be reached within the year. 2024, how much maintenance will EXAT carry out? Including when will it be carried out?

However, if the service is open It is expected that it will be able to accommodate up to 150,000 cars/day, which will help reduce traffic congestion around the Chalerm Mahanakhon Expressway. (Expressway Stage 1) around the Bang Khlo Interchange On Rama 9 Bridge to Suksawat Checkpoint The area of ​​Rama 2 Road has decreased by approximately 25% or from 100,470 vehicles/day reduced to 75,352 vehicles/day and can be connected to the intercity special highway project. Bang Khun Thian – Ban Phaeo Line (M82) of the Department of Highways (DPWH) as well.

Mr. Surachet discussed the progress of the Chalong Rat Expressway Project, extension of Chatuchot – Lam Luk Ka Road, a distance of 16.2 kilometers, that EXAT is currently in the process of listening to comments in order to prepare a draft bidding document (TOR), which it is expected that It will be completed soon to announce the sale of TOR document envelopes within April 2024, after which a contract will be signed with the private sector. And construction can begin at the end of 2024. It takes 36 months or 3 years to complete construction and will open for service around 2027.

For this expressway project EXAT will invest approximately 19 billion baht, divided into 18 billion baht for civil works, of which 14,374 million baht will be investment from the Thailand Future Fund (TFF), and the remaining approximately 4 billion baht will be allocated from the loan, which has been discussed with the Ministry of Finance on procurement. Initially, it was found that there were no problems, as EXAT had continued positive operating results. While the part of the expressway system installation work It is expected that approximately 1 billion baht will be used.

“Authorities, we estimate that we will bid for civil works under one contract. Because they want the construction project to be completed quickly. Due to experience from many Projects where contracts are separated and some contracts are found to be delayed Affecting other contracts that have been completed but cannot be opened for service As for system work, it will be bid for another contract,” Mr. Surachet said.

Mr. Surachet also said that combining bidding for civil works under one contract EXAT needs to more strictly determine the qualifications of contractors who will participate in the bidding. They want to find a special level contractor. who has experience working in large-scale construction So that this project can move forward with confidence. It is believed that the project will be well received by the private sector. Because it is considered to be the first government investment project to be bidding for the first time of the year.

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