Explosive material concern in Greece! Supreme Court officials announced

Explosive material concern in Greece!  Supreme Court officials announced

In the statement released by the authorities on the subject, “We express our deep sorrow and concern over the targeting of judicial officials.” expressions were used.

In the statement, it was emphasized that electronic control systems should be established and operated to detect the contents of envelopes arriving at courthouses in the country, and that this work would also contribute to citizens’ smooth access to judicial services.

Greek Minister of Justice Yorgos Floridis, in the television program he attended, admitted that the security gap in the Palace of Justice in Thessaloniki was serious and noted that there were problems in the inspections.

Emphasizing that the explosive material in the envelope reaching the court president’s office showed the problem in the inspections, Floridis stated that the entire security system in the Courthouse has been reviewed.

The envelope containing explosive material, sent to the Courthouse in Thessaloniki, Greece, yesterday, was destroyed in a controlled manner by bomb disposal experts.

It was reported in the news that the envelope containing a lethal amount of explosives was prepared to explode when opened.


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